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Meeting Minutes, Feb.14th, 2016

HERE: Marty; Andrew, Devon, Luke, Liesl, Becca, Evan, Ada, Jamie (visiting), Raphae, Josh, Jake (visiting), Cameron, Ezra, Jenn, Thom (visiting)

THORNS: it's cold; back hurts; most hungover i've ever been; avoided paper; i'm so tired and i don't know when i'm going to sleep;not knowing what the next step is but needing to take it; school? do i have to do it? ; the cold and procrastination; the worst heating system in the world; planned super well for the cold except that the entry way of my house is very cold and i left my shoes in there and it was like strapping ice blocks to my feet, being sick; indie games even more addicting mania than watching to tv; i don't know what to do with myself at any given moment

ROSES/IRMAS: scholarship to live in asia; living with evan and andrew; made valentines all day; no; drew good german shepherd and danced my ass off; joes will take song requests; great empanada place-panaderia; saw trevor noah in boston and his ass could crack a nut wowza; walking to joes and then devon's room and crying at 4AM, passing out and leaving at 5:30pm; saw antigonick and didn't know liz was hungover, coffee, little women; nothing special has happened but i've had the best two weeks of my life for as long as i can remember, hard work is paying off; doctor prescribed inhaler and it works!; newfound mania of indie computer game 'undertail'; living with liz and evan, antigonick really blew me away, get poem a day email from 'anthem';


  1. going well!!
  2. jamie, ask ziyi if she know where the rollers are!!! WE NEED THEM
  3. strike:
    1. andrew: taking down lights
    2. raphae: box office ( #TODO PIZZA)
    3. evan: chairs, plats, silver box
    4. liz: scaffolding
    5. ezra: chairs, plats, furniture
    6. becca: upspace, costume room, dr1 and dr2
    7. josh: shop facilitating things
    8. devon: moving big pile of junk
    9. luke: set up scaffolding, float between electrics and taking down lights, douvre
    10. liesl: electrics and taking down lights
    11. ada: props room
    12. painting plan: two ladders, two people on each
    13. then people on ground going at high up as they can reach
    14. leave floor till last, possibly antigonick team can come in after strike and help
    15. cameron: shop
    16. fletcher: what job do you want?


  1. getting a skrim from a department–> very delicate and expensive, we'll go over the deets when we get it
  2. #TODO EP's make sure everyone has keys


  1. important dates:
    1. march 1st-5th: lottery!!! lottery in the next 12 hours friends submit!!
    2. #TODO ezra extend the deadline!


  1. meeting tuesday at 11pm!!!


  1. no sunday shows cause of downspace shows and TWITS


  1. anthony derita is lighting–>#TODO luke and liesl will help out
  2. #TODO josh can you help build a mound? talk to kathy–>lug up 4 x 8 plats + scrap wood
  3. full design team!!! yay!
  4. great design run, wednesday we're having paint day
    1. maggie meshnick will be…
    2. painting! weds. 7-11pm, invite your friends!
  5. will be applying for new works grant!
  6. twits people do not come to antig strike


  1. they gave us about $10,000
  2. what if we don't get railings?
  3. can we order railings later? yes!
  4. ada sent email asking for more $$$
  5. planning for immediate spending for difference
  6. the only emergency financial situation, which would cause us to worry about spending $10,000 of our raised funds, is the light board breaking (luke says its not an issue, josh says we can borrow light board from the dept. in a pinch) and we have to remember…
  7. that UFB is willing to give a lot of money–we were asking for a ton, out of the ordinary
  8. should we ask UFB for $5,000 for repairs to lights and general maintenance?
  9. #TODO ada get quote without railings, send board quote for plats so we can see
  10. where this money is going and where we can cut costs
  11. #TODO should we appeal for more money? it's a lot of work for Ada and Ezra, need to make the case that the lighting inventory. Luke and/or Ezra can go to UFB meeting to ask for these funds.


  1. open jar: NA
  2. new works: get receipts from charlotte, will be getting app from , marielle applying


  1. antig–ladder is screwed into the ground– they're doing a ladder call, so it could be worse


  1. kathy cleaned floor
  2. #TODO luke is going to buy gaff tape!
  3. marquis hardware arrived–not going to come for a while, “building too cold to drill into” -austin
  4. #TODO everyone keep bugging austin


  1. schmooze-fun! not terribly productive! but lot of fresh faces!
    1. could have been more of a structured conversation
    2. BUT it was conceived as informal welcome back, state of PW was not necessarily the focus
  2. reschedule party? friday, march 12th?
  3. #TODO devon and ezra reach out to tallgrass to see if we would be able to have a party, if they are having a late saturday show


  1. lottery
  2. come see antigonick
  3. sweatshirts
  4. if you wanna help painting, come!
  5. antigonick, strike
  6. auditions for the flick


  1. the flick will be having auditions soon, ada and luke will EP
  2. talking about comments submitted regarding the state of PW
  3. we should make different karma speeches? josh LOVES the canned speeches! could we make more money if we were more sincere? use ur own discretion!!!
  4. buy sweatshirts!
  5. ezra got call from pw founders who will come to reinish in large numbers! down to do a panel if we are interested in that!
  6. can thom get a sweatshirt?! yes!
  7. alum wizards: jenny (stage management) and andrew evans (set design magic) have booked for commencement weekend–keep spreadsheet, if anyone wants to look at it, let devon know. we'll have at least 4 or 5 throughout the semester!
  8. board wizards–what do people wanna learn? prodcution handbook still in progress. bring back green book!!!
  9. #TODO marty update green book!
  10. exit surveys at the end of downspace shows about working at PW?
  11. EP's at the end of processes should have check-ins with cast and crew post-show.
  12. coffee with EP's–how did the board do working on this project?
  13. #TODO cameron and becca- check in with jason first, ask people during strike about checking in
  14. #TODO everyone, share survey and state of pw on facebook

we shared one response and had a discussion about it–we are planning to have a meeting to extend this conversation.

  1. #TODO everyone–#TODO Jenn, post responses on googledoc–board members, put your name on it once you've read it in a couple months, when we have a few response–we can decide on actionable steps
  2. #TODO fletcher, schedule weekly meeting (odd week) and meeting to discuss responses
  3. tell interested friends: “we would love if you came into our meetings to discuss your ideas for PW”
  4. power/privilege/inclusivity/sexual assault/ SAPE training from SAO
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