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Meeting Minutes, April 4th, 2016

HERE: Fletcher; Andrew; Becca; Liz; Evan;; Raphae; Luke; Liesl; Cameron; Devon; ; Josh; Marty; Marielle; Ada; Ivanna; Brianna; Jenn; Ezra

THORNS: i'm sick and i lost my wallet college decisions don't know where i wanna go next yearinefficient wet tech working hard to make things perfect, drowning myself in work saw someone i know at cvs and i said hi and they came up to me 'you meet a lot of celebrities'?? first day a very long day, RISD photog class my brain has too many tabs open my shoes are no longer waterproof abby keeps meeting celebrities somehow my senor thesis is already stressing me out if i lay down for more than five minutes i will fall asleep it is a blizzard and we're supposed to a show outside this weekend and i literally had the least efficient tech i will ever be a part of (more inefficient than evan work and procrastinationvery tired a lot of things i want to be at at the same time ROSES/IRMAS: guilford connectiut police are the most professional police really good birthday and really good friendsbanged out paper got a crazy amount of work done, im ahead, good coffeespring break spring break was really goodspring break in miami, lots of fun, no work donedating my best friend and we get to make out and new mems are here i'm pretty sure popcorn means hook-up with two people, but i modified it to one and slept in evans bed and it was awesome and i live in domestic blissspring break, brothers girlfreinds cat is the perfect weightbaseball is back new mem faces, three years thyroid cancer free weather, i love snow, devon met my grandma weather is nice and snow and i might be moving somewhere where there is no snow also i have a new nephew and also forgot about him i get to gouge someones eye out and break a bloodpack and rise up from behind a chair and its so fundidn't expect donuts but i am amazed really happy to be in the room for little women, want you all to come see it there are a lot of things i want to be at


naiyah not here, didn't know about meeting everything is good, liz and ada were at tech, things went well even though it was in a tough place last week, their rehearsal was going five or six minutes over and loud piano playing was happening in the uspace, when he asked [pw board members] to be quiet, he felt they were rude– we have to be super conscious of the silence in the flick (we fucked them over a couple times) we asked taiko to move rehearsals for tech week, they played upstairs and it's been fine, but you can still hear it marty has given much notice regarding showdates we should put signs on front door all doors–to be quiet for flick on saturday #TODO fletcher email james janusson about BMC not sure what final run time will be–3:30hr– should we use the backdoor during set up could we focus set-up near the backdoor? are we worried about noise for people coming in for monster ball? line at backdoor for pwom PLATS TOMORROW at 11:00pm HMS: (new mems: ome hour an a half early, get email with ticket reserves, give out tickets to people with reserves, starting an hour before show, give out tickets that are not reserved, give the HM speech, stay for the show, collect karma at the end) fri 8: liz and ezra sat 8: raph and abby sun 2: andrew and marielle sunday 8: cam and ivanna monday 8: ada and becca email naiyah tonight if you want to reserve a ticket with the night you want to toast likely at 11:30pm, #TODO andrew buy champagne BLACK COMEDY

EPS: raphae and ezra, will be in touch about audition HMs UPTHINGS:

poler bears; rude and uncommunicative, showed up tonight and played loud music here april 12th-14th, performing all three days #TODO ezra, help us set HM's soon enough– we will HM this show soon we're gonna have to use the upspace plats #TODO upsquad #TODO cam bump da link for upfest survey GRANTS

new works: ( $2,000 per year) open jar: ($450 per semester, upspace only) mess with the audience: ($200 a semester) FINANCE$

we're buying new plats 4 $21,000 venger wants money, donna wants invoice, can't get one without the other, rep switched SAO will sign a quote, ada will give quote to venger, push it through their magic business purchase orders, will register at university and then we will get money, hopefully will order them a week from today submitted budget for next calendar year, will hear next week $3 for pwom first chunk will go to fletch and marty becca needs $25 people have been reimbursed for inish food reimbursements–#TODO becca check with brian, might have gone through direct deposit–gets funneled through paycheck, we can show them bearsync quote (student activities office in faunce, they give us money!!! we request budget from UFB, student org, but our bank account is handled by SAO, submitting the budget, finance people put together a list of our costs and tell them how much money we need, we do it every march, you can check it out on SPAYMAY

we need to paint over upfest put up gender neutral signs (the ghost of dean poopyhead is the culprit) mic stands–broken, dance room is taking all of our shit, check out the dance studio if you lose shit SAFETY

does flick have safety scheduled? carpet? BO? yes! (when?) #TODO ANDREW LET'S SHOP TRAIN NEW MEMS WITS

holding meeting with artists everyone should check out mirandas proposal in the owncloudsuper visual-arty could this be viable for new works? looking for grants, if anyone knows grants, let miranda know (new mems: week in the space, dead week in downspace, we gave it away instead of letting it be dark) ALUMNI WIZARDS

april 28th, sam kusnetz for qlab, product manager at qlab (wizards are learning workshops)

SOCIAL MEDIA/ COMMUNITY OUTREACH black comedy auditions #TODO devon add the new babieees to facebook admin #TODO raphae add them to calendar DOWNSPACE PROPOSALS

luke and marielle– joohan devon and abby– ??? we really need to push proposals, how are we gonna do this? #TODO evan make schmoooze event #TODO fletcher book room for proposal meeting #TODO evan make poster PWOM:

line-up at the backdoor don't drink new mems, if something goes wrong, we are the ones who take care of it if we are unable to do this parties, we lose a big source of revenue! invite your friends!!! on facebook! set-up during the day, #TODO luke will send out schedule, we will do organized thingggg to avoid conflicting with the flick set-up is easy, lights and decorations decorations/liquor committee: andrew, raphae, cameron will contribute 500 balloons get gin!!!! for G+T's!!! have to charge $3 a drink!


pwom april 9th the flick proposals black comedy proposals survey schmooze Business:

how to check to sign up for ADOCH–we're in the booklet, are we in activities fair? cameron, how do we make sure we're in it? do we do facilitated tours of pw; yes, luke will talk about adoch event as it draws closer SAPE-emailed, they are super busy now, interested in doing it next semester! andy wants to build in shop for little women, pianos? wants to make a frame out of ply wood and masonite, #TODO cameron tell him to get into contact with joshua; andy is not shop trained, can't build w/o supervision we told SOTG that they couldn't use the shop; marty: taiko will cancel on sunday, marty is primary contact, EP's also check in about specific needs–good to know that they can indeed practice upstairs unless it is an absolutely silent show PWAQ: newsletter gets sent to alumni, a quarterly, should be four times a year, doesn't make sense now, we should do bi-annnual! visions topic! #TODO jenn, let's plan tye-dye event! who is running proposal meeting? fletcher? ada? marty? the triad? laundry for shakespeare on green– laundry; should be between GM's and costume designers! for the show to decide, not us. if you want photo taken, stay after meeting and we will whip them out flick EP's send list of things we have to do at plats? ezra got phone call from viriginian, customink said they couldnt print the design, he's getting back to me. the flick: using haze, need haze juice, does it come from our money or theirs? it's like paint, they should reimburse us. can be ordered from hi-output or amazon, ada will respond to email, but not initiate stickers: #TODO raph customink are expensive, reaching out to now hear this folks updating show packet KEYS 4 NEW MEMS offer free admission to pwom may 8th, 9th, 10th? lotterying off upspace? #TODO ada check in with keston decision meeting saturday, april 30th! abby can't make it, neither can josh, liesl has late conflict #TODO abby check in with MF about, we should prioritize abby's conflict, complex process, #TODO jenn gonna recount money in BO, fletcher already people can reimburse for inish after pwom #TODO upfest, can we message upfest groups–follow up about coffee, and plug proposals and schmooze. #TODO jenn organize gift for maria, last year we did flowers and a card outerspace fest!?!?!?!?

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