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Meeting Minutes, April 25th, 2016

HERE: Fletcher; Becca; Evan; Liesl; Devon; ; Josh; Marty; Marielle; Ada; Ivanna; Brianna; Jenn; Ezra; Cam; Miranda [visiting]

THORNS: fun awkward times with exes; time passing; addicted to reading room; gonna miss wearing braids; gnarly sunburn from putting up…; stuff; i'll never find love; austin draycott; feeling really a lot of stress in the pit of my stomach; left my waterbottle and the never ending semester; being sad and disappointed who are infants and have no problem solving skills; my face feels hot right now; people who can't do their job and throw their shit at me and expect me to pay them money for their fuckups; i'm in weird acute pain right now and my allergies are worse than they've ever been

ROSES/IRMAS: couldn't decide betwen getting ivy room smoothie or mozz sticks, got both; two babies; laziness and prov downtown reading room; carousel; …the MARQUIS; being happy and independent and having fun; getting really excited about next year, becca's voice and music; fucking yogurt; i cast my show; printing at RISD; best week of my life; i'm definitely staying in providence next year, got a job, get an iphone; saw bernman jones, star man, twenty wrestlers wearing cat ears and tails; seeing hamilton; blackhawks are destroying and game seven tomorrow; trying to stay excited, going to paint giant mural next week


  • strike tuesday, 10:30pm, cameron will lead
  • speakers can be left up
  • fletch: plats, chairs, booths
  • liz: paint, we need black paint, put it in miranda's PO
  • we need paint–can andrew, josh
  • becca: duv, costume room, upspace, dr1, dr2
  • ivanna: in space
  • ada: props, help with things
  • ezra:furniture
  • evan: chairs and plats
  • brianna: dressing rooms and upspace
  • devon: chairs, plats, paint
  • abby: paint
  • marielle: learn duv, chairs, plats, paint
  • luke: electrics, scaffolding
  • jenn: BO and swittching with brianna
  • marty: shop
  • josh: paint room
  • andrew: shop, #TODO shop people clean sawdust, tis a fire hazard
  • raphae: upstairs, whateva she wants
  • #TODO abby FIND A PASSOVER OPTION!!!! that is not pizza


  • #TODO ezra email jason , arrive at strike @ 10:45pm
  • what to do with receipts? give to financial officers
  • #TODO ezra, tell them: people cannot be reimbursed after FINALS, give receipts ASAP
  • will get keys a week from tomorrow
  • WITs strikes itself!
  • want to get in to do shit with light plot, they got in touch with miranda
  • andrew: EP/PM get receipts ASAP


  • #TODO ezra make facebook event for lottery
  • #TODO everyone, invite friends to upspace event on facebook for lottery!
  • NITUS-doing their thing, will get in touch with us when they need us, they know we're here for em!
    • we promised to produce this show, we need to take a hands-on approach to our support
  • NITUS: week of programming started a couple years ago, around nudity, disource around race/gender/sexuality, pw board believes its incredibly valuable, had interaciton with them earlier in year, they didn't get lottery and aksed for a week in the space, for many reason, we decided to go forward with their request and give them a week in the space, you have to work with us, open your organization so it is totally open to community and has public component, as part of their process they should take applications open to anyone, rather than cherrypicking their team


  • miranda is reminded that she can apply for grants
  • new works and open jar will revisit evan's application
  • #TODO evan email open jar with request
  • new works: ( $2,000 per year)
  • open jar: ($450 per semester, upspace only, gets filled up when jar is empty)
  • mess with the audience: ($200 a semester)
  • #TODO becca put grants in email


  • budget approved wahoooo! $7,000 per semester
  • NEVERLAND ISSUE FIXED! brian gave us some cash!
  • plats probably won't be here for black comedy but will be ordered for this semester
  • #TODO fletch and becca reimburse yourself


  • we have MARQUIS!
  • #TODO luke, light?
  • #TODO ada, instagram dat shit
  • MF clean the hallways please!


  • “only safe if hillary wins”-josh


  • would it be possible for Miranda to get PO for paint?
  • buying paint from home depot or the paint shop–>store must fill out supply registration form–> paint shop is registered
  • #TODO ada look out for PO email from miranda
  • trying to wrangle team, fuzzier at seams than I want, tuesday, me and sam KM, if anyone wants to be a part of painting,
  • #TODO board members tentatively reach out to painter friends,
  • #TODO marty and liesl wait for miranda to send info for facebook group
  • opening is next monday (5/2)
  • must assign house managers for opening
  • two facebook events, one for opening, one for community paint day (saturday, 4/30)
  • OOB asked to use upspace for their show on saturday? up to miranda!
  • #TODO ada– can help with posters, get design to us by this tuesday


  • sam kusnetz qlab, got qlab stickers!
  • it was GREAT to hear from sam, super interesting


  • #TODO email put marquis in!


  • scripts and apps are in!
  • #TODO fletch and ada meet to talk about running meeting and shit, ten minute interviews!
  • we will have to be more pointed in questions, don't ask as many follow ups
  • we're on track!
  • #TODO everyone, read proposals, read plays, come with roses and thorns
  • conflicts:
    • luke: joohwan trying to get back to campus, he will skype
  • #TODO, everyone read over state of pw and read responses
  • #TODO jenn, bump responses


  • fill out schedule
  • scheduling convo: devon:
  • jobs bobs: 16th in the evening 6:00-7:30pm
  • workday: offer up may 14th or 16th to MF
  • visions: maybe saturday 5/7??(may possibly be shorter, as this conversation is more integrated into our regular meetings)
  • who wants to lead it? does it have to be led? yeah, it's the person who schedules the whole thing, devon wants to do it! yay devon!
  • #TODO devon either figure out platform to schedule, could do whentomeet


  • distribute stickers @ strike


  1. WITS-painters, times
  2. Marquis
  3. lottery-facebeook group
  4. NITUS
  5. strike, if sent in time


  • devon: jason vu emailed pw email, would want to start months before performance, propose for next semester
  • marielle: before we do decision meeting, would love to have a breakdown, what new members is, will be in email that meeting runners will be sending out, first decision meeting, new mems don't vote, but can contribute as much as they want
  • marielle: people prefer MF's interviews, PW interviews are too fast, formal, we get more proposals, MF, long, casual interview, interviews aren't as effective as they could be
  • luke: don't summarize what people have said, MF contacted me about putting MF pix in hallway, we should do this as part of workday or renish job? we have better use for bodies during workday
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