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Meeting Minutes, April 18th, 2016

HERE: Fletcher; Andrew; Becca; Liz; Evan; Raphae; Luke; Liesl; Cameron; Devon; ; Josh; Marty; Marielle; Ada; Ivanna; Brianna; Jenn; Ezra

THORNS: i'm sickdidn't get a lot of sleep had to confront a new split in my group of friends my parents really suck and are awful and ruin everything lost friday night have to be inside all day the douche bag frat boys that i pretend don't exist came out out of the woodworks, horrifying nightmares anxiety been up since 7:30am the work that i will have to do as soon as i acknowledge that the weekend is over the combination of medicine and alcohol and sometime they don't mix wellwhat alcohol does to your voice destroyed my jaw and throat this weekendwas gonna go to this thing this morning and then i felt really strange and was sad and couldnt get out of bed in time to get there, kinda wish i'd gone quit playing games and get medicine being late to meeting have a lot of work coming up, went too hard at fratty at the ratty and feel nauseous [ i am a veg] worst weekend of my whole life ROSES/IRMAS: spring weekend long floral dresses, friends; caught up with old friends i think i balanced it very well, woke up early this morning and made biscuits my brother texted me back had quinetessential brown going out night i decided to opt out of spring weekend, not regretting it spring weekend, surrounded by beautiful people ready to start week and be done with spring weekend, not into itlast night i was sitting alone in the upspace, if i sit here for a while good things will happen and they didhad a really good weekend with lots of friends and beverages sometimes alcohol and drugs do mix real nice april has been good vibes so far and it's usually the month where i get down [in the dumps] extremely stoned for 12 hours yesterday, really content, cloud of a person velvet in general, im feeling good, about classes, things good cause i've been feeling icky for a while, for the first time since freshmen year, went to a brown athletic event, we beat them and rushed the field, my peers became instant gods went to hospital for test, found out i'm lactose intolerant had a fun weekend and slept so much last night had a really good day yesterday and i have krav maga


  • doing wet tech now
  • duv on tuesday, plats on wednesday
  • wizards on the 23rd, carousel was planning to use upspace for dressing room
  • saturday there is a show at 2:00pm, so wizards in the upspace at noon wouldn't work
  • #TODO, devon will book a room on 25live
  • safety was scheduled through MF, tomorrow 4/18 at 1:00pm, josh looked at it, a few egress problems but we shall see!
  • #TODO luke will help with plats on tuesday
  • jonathan will email us about ticket reservations


  • cast!!! wahoo!!!!!1
  • #TODO becca put TD in email
  • rehearsals start tomorrow 4/18, EP's will go and bring some snacks
  • will ask about the potential cabaret in the upspace–ask when the shows will be
  • usually do a day show so the folks coming to reinsh can go straight to the show
  • #TODO ezra email and coordinate, black comedy– printing scripts, should get PO from metcalf, should come out of budget, shouldn't cost $80.


  • poler bears was amazing and they were so nice
  • strike went well, lights are up for general lighting
  • next is carousel, then WITs, then NITUS (#TODO NITUS committee maybe you want to be reaching out to NITUS)

keston's cypher on sunday 5/8 do we want to lottery off 5/9 +5/10? yes! #TODO Fletcher


  • miranda will be applying soon to something?
  • will revisit evan's application
  • let's advertise to friends-how can we better get the word out about these grants?
  • utilize social media more, email
  • should always be mentioned when signing contract for the upspace
  • new works: ( $2,000 per year)
  • open jar: ($450 per semester, upspace only, gets filled up when jar is empty)
  • mess with the audience: ($200 a year)
  • #TODO becca put grants in email


  • we're out of spike tape, BUT ton of tape in BO
  • plats: have not heard back from donna about doctored document
  • #TODO becca and ada talk to brian about receipts, tell him to save receipts for other stuff
  • idea for finances: conversation about SAO with speed of reimbursements, esp. for theatre, people buy stuff often, people aren't getting money back fast enough, peopel need to be reimbursed by end of the month, any business could have PO with brown, have to fill out supply registration form, we can talk to designers about a list of places to have PO's with brown
  • always buy lumber off of PO, majority of set budget will be taken care of
  • EP's should tell their teams that if they are buying offline, we can do that in SAO–> amazon, online vendor, etc. as long as it's a credit card.
  • (student activities office in faunce, they give us money!!! we request budget from UFB, student org, but our bank account is handled by SAO, submitting the budget, finance people put together a list of our costs and tell them how much money we need, we do it every march, you can check it out on
  • we have money!


  • maintained!!!


  • carousel is taking care of their own safety walk
  • #TODO new mems, josh, andrew, raphae, liesl, cameron schedule shop training time


  • not a ton of updates
  • everyone should check out mirandas proposal in the owncloudsuper visual-arty


  • april 23rd, sam kusnetz for qlab, product manager at qlab
  • devon can set up, other people need to be there (fletcher, marielle, becca, others)
  • #TODO fletch, rent a video camera and videotape it! put on website wahoo!
  • (wizards are learning workshops taught by alumni)


  • black comedy auditions
  • #TODO devon add the new babieees to facebook admin
  • #TODO raphae add them to calendar


  • #TODO everyone upload plays onto owncloud!!!! so we can get to reading
  • #TODO everyone,find out what slots your buddies are proposing for
  • can fletch, ada, marty have buddies, as leaders of the meeting?
    • devon: asking a lot to ask some people to take two buddies, when some people have none
    • jenn: we are all biased and will advocate for buddies, leading the meeting doesn't necessarily change that
    • josh: i trust the leader of meeting to know when they shouldnt be talking
    • second readers are allowed
  • marty- no buddy, taking notes
  • ezra- emma davis, proposing what she proposed to WITs, devised work
  • andrew- met with jordan, proposing mercury fur, josh emailed england, was proposed a few years, have script on owncloud
  • ada- leading meeting
  • raphae- proposing
  • devon- buddying ahn, sending second draft, letting him go over ten page limit, pictures, videos, no script
  • becca- cameron, waiting for play
  • josh- buddying no one, doing rights
  • luke and marielle- joo-han
  • liesl: buddying briana, raisin in the sun
  • jenn: buddying midori, going to meet, still in conversation with ryan, good to buddy both
  • evan: buddying anthony derita, great people,
  • liz + ivanna: buddying raphae, she has a team, going to send draft


  • devon postered all over campus for downspace proposals
  • gave out stickers at campus, still stickers in the BO, we should give them out
  • two alums emailed about stickers, raphae will send to them
  • bring stickers to adoch fair
  • #TODO cameron bump sign-up email, 5:30pm-7:30pm, 30 minute slots
  • luke is putting production workshop sign together, taking it to faunce steps, pied piper the youngins to pw
  • advertise grants, proposals, hang posters,
  • samuel french thinks we're fucking rad


  • proposals
  • black comedy- td
  • alum wizards
  • carousel
  • miranda looking for ld
  • lottery for may 9th, 10th


  • adoch event on wednesday at 4:00pm, meet luke on faunce steps, take children, give them tour, say bye or lead them to the fair
  • brianna sent awesome link, read it, important to acknowledge this stuff, i'm more than happy to talk to people about stuff
  • #TODO becca send minutes from last week
  • cheno would like to have something in space at 11pm, saturday night, seniors would probably not be able to help/attend– who would set up lights? everyone who can stay through commencement should.
  • …with the understanding that people will be working for room and board
  • josh happy to take care of lights and sound, cheno great organizer, as long as she's going to advertise.
  • taps cabaret can be a lil exclusivo, thing could be a nice alternative
  • let's do it!!!!! as long as it doesn't conflict with black comedy.
  • we usually have campus dance after party, bring in POPCORN!!! AND ALUMNI!
  • ivanna: feel like im still trying to learn lingo, still trying to figure out where i can contribute, i would love to talk to more people about what– general invitation to get coffee!!

much of this will be taken care of once you take on jobs and responsibilities, sit back and soak up everything, shadow board members, new mems, look at website for jobs

  • #TODO marty will update jobs
  • luke: #TODO haven't scheduled workday, wants to put it together, ada would love to run it with luke
  • schedule jobs-bobs + visions,
    • #TODO everyone come with finals schedules next week so we can schedule all of our end of the year junk
  • #TODO devon email MF for conflicts for workday, who from MF wants to co-lead workday?

roller-derby with MF???

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