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Roses: mac demarco; last week in puppetry our sub was the guy who runs big nazo and he said he did lots of pw stuff and he designed equus; Connie Crawford, Mr. Burns is a good thing; Liz’s future profile picture, yay theater and pwom; baby; first pwom, life is beautiful; 11 pm for sotg was a gag show and was SO FUN; friends from home visited, saw Zadie Smith this week and she really impacted me; got a summer job and it relates to my future career goals; mf meeting; excited to be here and have donuts AND ice cream; elise’s cousins who asked everyone for autographs; lot of fun things to do; when you take a step back from your life and it makes sense; two shows I worked on opened and closed this weekend; grandpa’s birthday Friday;

Thorns: mental health is the most consuming of all; everything I had to do I didn’t do and now OHNO!; pw is going to destroy me before I graduate; no idea how to write this paper; voice cracking; marielle tried to uber to donuts, trying to be responsible human but I’m not; had to miss pwom and was just sitting in the dark during it; I love these pants and then realized the zipper is broken; people commenting on stupid shit that they don’t know what they’re talking about just shut your fucking mouth; guy I liked when I was 12 got engaged; woke up and throat hurt; graduating soon; lot of not fun things to do; have an entire IRB research protocol, back bike tire almost completely flat; I stupidly accepted to start rehearsal Monday so NO TIME; lots of work to do today because I did none, been an icky week, most of my fave clothes are dirty.

THE FLICK- - Naiyah isn’t here - It opened, really positive reactions, everyone should see this - Not many fixtures in grid, but all the cabling left from tallgrass. - Take of carpet, take of sheeting, return four chairs, figure out where to put our chairs, back wall painted. Would recommend that we leave the tallest plat for painting purposes - Strike jobs! o Josh- start with overseeing set, paint room clean out o Marty- lead o Liz- paint in space things o Ivanna- help Jenn in BO o Evan- dressing rooms, costumes, upspace o Ezra- set up grey scaff, furniture, o Raphae- BO, help paint o Adas- props and booth o Fletcher- chairs and plats o Devon- chairs/plats o Becca- Duv o Liesl- scaff/lights o Jenn- with ants in BO o Andrew- shop o Luke- scaff, IN electrics o Marielle- start upstairs, then downstairs o Abby- plats/chairs - MF board we just say “MF board” - Strike @ 11:15, come in thru the back door and wait upstairs - HM fire safety forms, BO person or individual HMs

Black Comedy - sent out audition monitoring form - #TODO- sign up - #TODO- EPs tell Jason to come Upthings - Talking to Keston and his group about cypher dates - NITUS is a month away- #TODO put on next agenda - Lottery for the other two days? Not the worst thing to have a dark day? Is split up, lotteried as singles, if together then it is pair. - #TODO- Fletcher lottery

Fall @ PW - Ada, Fletch, Marty going to run it! Ideally the outcome will be to take notes and then draft up a statement that we can release to public which is like why we are excited about what we picked! - Posting past proposals on downspace wall? Table for visions. - Devon and Abby- Anh, will get us a draft today. Asked to see 11A proposal, sent to him. - Jenn and Ivanna- Ryan- didn’t get rights for the show so thinking if there’s another show but not proposing until they find another show - Luke and Marielle- Joohwan- trying to get draft, still just December - Josh- rights- send plays!! Have rights for everything so far but Ryan’s - Liz- Raphae- The Wolves- October and December. - Need to solicit more proposals - #TODO- Jenn make google doc about publicity - Schmooze is Wednesday - Reach out to people who have proposed before (being sure we’ve given them feedback) #TODO- Ada send individual emails - Joohwan- green book isn’t updated? Maybe have people fill out the green book at the schmooze? - #TODO- put schmooze info into the green book - Proposal questions got updated last year, 10 pages or under seems good.

GRAAANTS- - no new apps - Miranda is going to apply as she’s filming the mural project and project it around campus. Apply to new works!

Finances- - Donna is hopefully trying to push through the doctored doc Ada invented for plats - Made $480 at PWOM!! - Can we take $ for alc for PWOM from karma?

SPAYMAY- - painting upspace during strike and mop - still some ribbon from balloons on grid - gender neutral signs going back up on bathrooms - should we start thinking about the Marquee? May 3rd??

SAFETY- - WE ARE SAFE - Santucci trusts us!! - Carousel ground plans

Social Media/Community Engagement- - proposals- Jenn’s google doc

WITS- - Liesl met with Miranda, she’s still looking for more $ and artists - Tell her to come to the schmooze? - Should she have a GM who comes to meetings? Either a GM or her! - She has time to make this lovely!

Alum Wizards - Sam on the 23rd- Devon making FB event

Email- - schmooze - -flick - -strike - propose - alum wizard - audition for black comedy

Business- - write in the spatial record of PW - do Liz’s capstone!! What is we did a PWalk? - Tank tops arrive Wednesday - Stickers have been ordered! - Visions- what gets said here and what gets tabled? - Diego feels blessed to be introduced to this magical space! - Found numbers for fun publicity event! Jenn will continue to investigate - How do we communicate to know if people are in the space? Would have to reach out to the show and working with the group that has the space at that moment.

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