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Meeting Minutes, 27 September 2015

HERE: Becca, Emily, Keston, Liz, Marty, Kayla, Abby, Ada, Raphae , Luke, Evan, Emma Dickson, Naiyah, Dale

THORNS: trying to make situations better to no avail, didn't bring donuts today, woke up in a lot of pain and now have a shitty back ache and two shows, being too hard on myself, lots of tough decisions, scary paper, just not feeling good about things, sick, sick, social media is deceiving, haven't been doing what i need to be doing, steff santucci seeing the hazardous territory that is the butt, could not find new dorm, got super sick after great dinner

ROSES: excited about bull, once the donut prospect left crawled into bed with evan, family is here, brought ice cream, snuggling with liz and having a bomb cast list, had a glorious trip home, tried breakfast recipe and it was good, best friend, parents and baby sister are here, doing cool stuff, good facetime conversation with buds, weather is nice, mets blah blah blah sport blah something something, im here, had great dinner saturday


  • strike tomorrow at 11:00pm
    • Marty leading
    • Jenn: BO
    • Liz: scaffolding and lights
    • Luke: help liz with scaffolding
    • ada: props and set
    • Evan: chairs and plats
    • Becca: douvre and costumes
    • Keston: douvre and furniture
    • Josh: shop
    • fletch: furniture?


  • good design run friday
  • $200 history grant
  • need people to help hang lights (when?)
  • bath paint day is friday
  • need an amp




  • SUPER SECRET this week
  • there will be a board preview
  • show times not solidified #TODO


  • new works: money for great expectations
  • apply for outerspace #TODO
  • ada will update spreadsheet #TODO
  • FWTA: great expectations and shhh applied, waiting to hear, margeret sending check to ada
  • Open jar: check has been sent to evan, should arrive shortly


  • Ada: m/s books still need to be paid for ?
  • new rollers for paint room need to be bought #TODO
  • new plats #TODO
  • jenn #TODO brainstorm for fundraising
  • home depot trip impending?!?!??!?!


  • m/s should not use black chairs during rehearsal, only metal ones


  • must start putting guards on black of all plats!!!
  • go to safety training on thursday #TODO


  • last chance to apply must be send out. Wednesday night?
  • email freshmen chicks so they can reach out
  • send email to pw board so they can reach out to groups


  • FRIDAY THE 30th or SATURDAY THE 31st? think about it #TODO should be decided before the end of the week
  • email ray to dj #TODO becca


  • plays have been chosen, directors will be chosen on monday
  • liz will also EP
  • everyone help out!!!!
  • people emailing ben to ask why their plays weren't chosen, how to respond?


  • directors for 3c2c, keep reaching out, morning mail
  • outerspace stuff


  • directors for 3c2c, keep reaching out, morning mail
  • outerspace stuff
  • can BUGS use the shop for princess aida? would be around the time that urinetown is using it. Ada, reach out to stacy, josh, max and emma to get everyone in the loop #TODO
  • let's keep not paying students who make posters, videos, etc. keep things equal!!!
  • bull wants to use 4 4×4 plats. can they be kept in downspace during m/s rehearsals?
  • evan is looking for love. help him #TODO
  • marty: we need more rules for more baked goods. ALSO—SWEATSHIRT? MUGS?! people should submit designs
  • sweatshirt with kestons face on it would be gud.
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