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Meeting Minutes, 17 May 2015

HERE: Becca B., Fletcher, Jenny (back from the dead), Keston, Liz, Celeste, Skylar, Luke, Paige, Devon, Bailey (ITW), Solomon (visiting), Simon [minutes-taker], Austin, Ben C., Jenn

THORNS: so tired but I want to have limitless energy; feel like I haven't slept in four weeks; wish I was happy; no way of knowing what time it was; had to move across campus; Max is sick; not prepared for this week or the future; maybe never getting gold shorts; had to move out really fast; still drunk from high school reunion; moving was hard and I miss my suitemates; I feel like I've been working myself to the bone for nothing; don't know if I know how to be a normal or real person; conversation was very fleeting and then I went back to being sarcastic and ruined the moment; last time I have to get up at 11am on a Sunday morning; woke up then thought about rose and thorn then fell back asleep

ROSES/IRMAS: Jenny Gorelick; hung out with parents; excited about spending next weeks in the sun; got eyebrows done; done wiht middle school musical; beautiful day; done with school for real; gold shorts were used very well in denish invite; Simon helped me move and I fell in love over pool at a bar; so excited for the graduates; unsuccessfully tried to sneak into Last Chance Dance and met silly freshmen trying to do the same thing; finally done with school and I love everybody; gorgeous day and my purse is not lost and Jenny is here; really real conversation for like 30-40 seconds with Jenn last night; last time I have to get up at 11am on a Sunday morning; sunny


  • programs and posters are happening
  • plats happened last night
  • Eventbrite is good to go probably
    • reserves should be under the name of the person picking up the tickets
  • safety inspection on Tuesday
  • HMs
    • Tuesday 7pm: Liz,
    • Wednesday 7pm: Fletcher, Liz
    • Thursday 2pm: Luke, Fletcher
    • Thursday 7pm: Luke,
    • Friday 5pm: Liz, Luke
  • Crimes of the Heart will know to come to strike
  • strike jobs: Fletcher - plats and furniture, Jenn - box office, Liz - run strike!, Luke - electrics, Paige - in the space, Devon - plats and props


  • production team will arrive 8/29
    • working on early housing
  • there is a prod meeting right now
  • readthrough Monday
  • still looking for props designer


  • lottery just happened
  • #TODO: Josh, get rights for Bull by Mike Bartlett
  • Fletcher is the liaison for Midori and Sam


  • New Works gave money to Deadsville
  • Buck can still apply if he gets receipts in by this weekend


  • #TODO: EVERYBODY, send Andrew things you want to buy, even if it might not work out


  • #TODO: Liz(?), have Jonathan Adam email Austin about cable that isn't working
  • they're going to try (for the fourth time) to deliver the washer/dryer on Monday
  • #TODO: Ada, the light in costume room is flickering—please submit facilities request


  • “yeah we're fine”


  • Tuesday at 11am
  • FB event will be live right after this meeting
  • we will do a GroupMe. I (Simon) will make a GroupMe.


  • Saturday 5/23 1:30
  • getting lots of really cute “not coming” rsvps
  • Andrew is getting the pictures
  • Skylar is emailing Andrew the catering info


  • Keston is listed on the wiki as doing the upspace now
  • Liz is happy that this is the time of year that is “the festival of pw”
  • a bird in the butt is worth two in the bush
  • Dylan is going to do a talkback, probably Wednesday or Thursday
  • Becca wrote the PWAQ, Austin will make it look nice


  • -
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