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Meeting Minutes, 11 May 2015

HERE: Becca B., Ada, Bailey (Into the Woods), Paige, Keston, Raphae (Crimes of the Heart), Luke, Ben S., Simon [minutes-taker], Celeste, Liz, Andrew, Fletcher, Becca M., Jenn, Devon, Skylar

THORNS: feelin like shit; zero; woke up on the wrong side of the bed; fell into a sad mood; reevaluating sphere of influence; scared about living in New York; long night ahead of me; nervous and sad about the next few years; missing out on stuff and I care more about that than I thought I would; dad interrupted my sleep; stigmatization of mental health care; things happening that I thought could never happen; rest of my life is scary and the world is bad sometimes; always will be regretful about the past; people throwing around words carelessly; I keep saying “that was the worst thing I've ever turned in” so that means my work is always getting worse and I'm not ready for seniors to leave; realizing that I'm less a part of my family than I was

ROSES/IRMAS: fun crazy night; Elijah (from high school!) is coming to town; ice cream and watched Heist Play; I can tell myself that I am a good person; other people brought food; finished finals; long day is behind me; I love all of you; this was one of the happiest years of my life?!; nice Main Green sit; fantastic talk with Jill; grandma; gonna see some freshman friends; starting to get excited about the future; job interview tomorrow; bought this cool romper and Andrew is nice; fell asleep outside and it was amazing and I felt so great when I woke up


  • plats on 5/16
  • dry tech 5/14, wet tech 5/15, three days of dress rehearsal, open on 5/19
  • Bailey will prob be reaching out in the next few days to figure stuff out
  • next design run is Wednesday 8:30


  • production meetings in the next few days, hopefully a read-through before the end of the year
  • have an ASM, looking for props designer
  • they are working on early housing


  • lottery is due 5/16
  • we got the keys back from Sam and Buck


  • New Works will actually decide on Deadsville
  • Open Jar has too much, what a bummer


  • we have $3600 right now, we probably will end up with $2500 at the end of the semester
    • let's use this money
    • #TODO: EVERYBODY, send Andrew things you want to buy, even if it might not work out


  • everything looks good after work day!


  • “Um, yeah, so…”
  • Jenn and Austin are gonna meet!
  • Stephanie has stuff she needs taken care of by 5/22
  • Skylar has blatant contempt for authority! 8-o


  • we should plan it that early again next semester—most of MF was there
  • some of the wooden scaffolding plats are in the smelly room


  • new karma limit is $750
    • anything over that will be discussed
  • other than that we got everything we wanted


  • Tuesday 5/19
  • bring your people, people
  • they are declaring war, we will respond, maybe
  • Liz is making a Facebook event
  • make sure everyone knows it's open to everyone!!!!!


  • Saturday 5/23 1:30
  • Celeste has made the list, invites will be sent in the next couple days
  • #TODO: Skylar etc., figure out 'affiliate catering'
  • #TODO: renish people, take care of pics since Bunny Bunny


  • Fletcher can apply to New Works for his final project
  • Baby Beluga was Raphae's favorite song when she was five
  • we're figuring out summer stuff
    • we're not offering any employees until the salary is raised
    • Luke is taking one of the jobs
    • other job might get split up
    • Devon and Liz are around but not free during the day
  • Simon is never in the present moment :-/ :-\ :-/ :-\ :-/ :-\ :-/ :-\
  • Becca B. will finish PWAQ
  • don't go in the sound pile (Becca B. is having sex in there!) (or just doing her legacy)
  • #TODO: Simon, distribute #minutes from #visions
  • #TODO: Ada, talk to Marty about how to change the non-wiki parts of the website


  • -
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