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Meeting Minutes, 4 May 2015

HERE: Celeste, Andrew, Andy (visiting), Skylar, Paige, Becca B., Liz, Devon, Ben S., Becca M., Beatrix (visiting), Jenn, Luke, Fletcher, Ben C., Raphae, Keston, Simon [minutes-taker], Ada

THORNS: did not have subletter; what do I do next year; final or assignment every day from now through Tuesday; becoming a dancer means becoming aware of just how bad a dancer I am; good SPACE workshop today; work involved reading about sad things; disappointing myself; paper due and presentations and no time; made up a dumb daily call; false hope; will never perform in another play at Brown and my whole body hurts; possibly up for the next 60 hours; at the Rock from 2am-10am; probably won't sleep tonight; bad old feelings coming back for no reason; complicated feelings; the afterlife; so much work; it was the third to last thing of college

ROSES: Deadsville; done with college tomorrow 4pm; something; book-worthy idea; Deadsville and successful interview; productive day; impressing myself; adorable puppy that said hi; great ASMs; video of Luke and Paige having matching shoes; I live with my best friends; Fletcher's hair; delirium is hilarious for other people and friends are great and Deadsville was amazing; being here and finishing binding book of poems; 21 and Joey; simple feelings; Deadsville; really great day; third to last thing of college was making a poster board like a second grade science fair


  • tech is going to be an extra day
  • they will have a fifth show
  • strike will be Saturday afternoon
  • Ada will get a PO tomorrow for lumber
  • can building happen in the space during workday?

Andy got a jacket!


  • auditions are going well
    • audition!
  • they need a set designer and TD


  • Buck is in there now through tomorrow
  • Sam L. had a very full week
  • lottery 5/16


  • Deadsville happened


  • New Works will decide on Deadsville
  • Open Jar has lots


  • we bought a washer/dryer which will be here Friday 5/8
  • do NOT assume that we have money to buy things
  • Mr. Cape has been reimbursed for Into the Woods rights


  • nice lookin window in the smelly room
  • let's fix the column in the downspace

5/10: WORK

  • #TODO: can the schedule please be emailed out to the board prior to the day of (Thursday)
  • writing on the upspace walls?
    • “Some people think that the Downspace is upstairs because it's written by the stairs.”
      • “That makes me want to die.” -L.O.
  • #TODO: email Austin, Jenn, and Ada with projects you want to do (by Wednesday)


  • yeah


  • lots of people interested
    • mostly (great!) music
    • trying to get some more variety
  • Friday 5/8 11:30-6
  • Fletcher wants to grill. Does he know how to grill?
  • #TODO: aliens, send around a monitoring signup
  • Ben C. and Celeste are getting food and beer for Outerspace and jobs bbq
  • schedule will be finalized by Wednesday

Celeste is laughing like a crazy person


  • Grant cancelled meeting, but they will meet this week
  • things we want
    • half of karma, no limit
    • pay for less (or none) of their Flamex
    • MF board member at our meetings when they are in the space
    • introductions at strike—what does that mean?
  • also there is some L5Y karma in the safe(?)


  • jobs bbq after workday (end workday at 5pm, start bbq at 6:30?)
  • #visions Saturday 7-11
    • at Ben and Austin's house pending housemates' approval, backup: Liz and Andrew's


  • Outerspace
  • Crimes auditions
  • Upspace lottery


  • renish! it should happen
  • Miranda gave us some gels! thanks, Miranda!
  • Capture the Mammoth
    • Tuesday morning of señor week?
    • tell EVERYONE to play for pw!
  • Celeste “Keston Jr.” Cahn will try to do banquet stuff this week
    • at least invite them to Outerspace and Capture the Mammoth
    • Ada is willing to help
  • #TODO: everyone add your stuff to the #visions spreadsheet!
  • #TODO: Austin, give keys to Into the Woods


  • change the calendar?
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