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Meeting Minutes, 30 March 2015

HERE: Skylar, Celeste, Luke (!!!), Becca B. (!!! that she needs a last initial now), Keston, Devon, Ada, Liz, Ellie (visiting), Josh, Fletcher, Becca M. (!!!), Austin, Ben S., Ben C., Andrew, Jenn, Simon [minutes-taker]

THORNS: up at 5am and sunburnt; “I came back here and realized how much this place makes me sad”; continuous sickness (not herpes) (not lupus); bad dreams; impending doom; changing concentration to something way harder; mom watched leukemia documentary; playing soccer hurts; death in the family; terrible mood from terrible nightmare; old me; things will go wrong; you have to pay your dues so things can get better; couldn't sing Happy Birthday to dad (it's his birthday); living in a world of what-ifs and could-have-beens; starting to feel like I'm running out of time; late to meeting and creative mind works at inconvenient times; constants

ROSES: was in St. Thomas; Austin taught me a good rule; some places are warm; good dreams; fun break and job; left Panama disease-free; met Bryce Harper; played soccer; fun break; hiking in Northern Malibu and Jack Usher saying “frozen poop dildos”; new computer; LINK funding; cute grandma called; dinner at professor's house; the upspace and Marty and Evan; visiting little sister; friends; variables


  • plats Wednesday 4/9 @ 11pm
  • painting Wednesday 4/2 @ 11pm
  • they need a poster design


  • show packet meeting is tomorrow
  • we will find out when the shows are
    • board members are not allowed to convince him one way or the other
  • MTI never received the contract
    • we're working on it
    • we might have to pay rush charges


  • Dreeeeeeeeeeams is going fiiiiiiiiiiine
  • lottery this Sunday—push it!


  • open mic was in here
    • used the piano
    • sparse attendance
    • Brown Unheard maybe could help w/ Outerspace?
  • there is one more


  • no one has applied to New Works
  • got a check for Open Jar
  • Open Jar funded Thank You Sorry


  • we got all our funding
  • we are maybe getting a washing machine…?


  • the only option is next Friday 4/10
    • we are calling it 4/10 Goooone
  • they will be accommodating
  • we need to get a liquor license
  • Skylar and Keston will make a jobs list
  • #TODO: if you want to be a roaming party monitor (no off shifts), email Skylar
  • #TODO: let Skylar know if you want specific jobs
  • decorations, drinks, etc. will happen next week


  • Stephanie Santucci is mad at Austin/PW
    • box office is gross
    • electrics room has broken cable
    • paint room is dangerous


  • all the scaffolding in the smelly room is rusted and ruined


  • it's Sunday 5/10
    • 5/10[WORK]
    • this date had better work for all you fuckers


  • advertise the upspace lottery please!
  • Keston is thinking about the freshman b®unch for next year
  • FCG cast can come to prom for free
  • Liz will not be at prom


  • -
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