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Meeting Minutes, 8 March 2015

HERE: Josh, Ben S., Celeste, Keston, Ezra (visiting), Austin, Lauren (visiting), Luke (visiting), Devon, Conor (visiting), Jenn, Ben C., Becca, Cameron (visiting), Sam (visiting), Ada, Skylar, Simon [minutes-taker]

THORNS: realizing things; Twelfth Night ending; getting sick; unexpected roommates; hurt knuckle with needle; Daylight Savings; still sick and Daylight Savings; laughably bad life decisions; not trusting self and decisions; feeling like a speck in other people's lives who are mountains; kind of floundering around right now; life is so busy that I carry around a toothbrush; sjadfk (missed it sorry!); a lil sleepy; stressed out about paper; acting for the last time at Brown today?!; hometown sucks right now; trying to work out all the tension I hold

ROSES: warming up; smell of carpet; Twelfth Night world aligning; loved Twelfth Night a lot; someone told me I have a knack for decapitating fetal rodents (means I might have a job); got tagged in a photo of inspirational women; Upspace week starts on Monday; first-ever improv show last night; Twelfth Night was enjoyable; loved Twelfth Night so so so much; Twelfth Night awakened my inner bro; boys and their heated mattress pads; warm enough to play frisbee outside and not slip on ice; good weekend; fun time at Bernarda Alba; everyone is positive and earnest; feeling organized and responsible; Daylight Savings means the sun sets later!


  • it's going great, apparently
  • strike starts at 9:30
    • board will get here at 9:15, set up one scaffolding inside fence box, one scaffolding behind risers
    • #TODO: Austin, make sure we have black paint
      • we will need a PO tomorrow potentially if there isn't
    • Austin - lead strike; Keston - duv and take down lights; Celeste - Upspace and paint; Ben S. - chairs and plats; Josh - shop; Simon - furniture; Skylar - shop; Ada - walls; Becca - scaffolding and take apart set; Ben C. - chainlink; Jenn - box office; Devon - props and paint


  • there is a cast! (they will be at strike)
  • we have SD, SM, maybe ASM - life is GOOOOOOOD
  • they are applying for grants


  • it's Luke with the 7/2/4 Playfest!
    • going well, but not a ton of people signed up
    • might cancel the 72 hour aspect
    • during the week the space will be getting set up
    • Friday 7pm the whole shebang starts, showtimes Saturday 8pm and 10pm
    • #TODO: Celeste, email the board about HMs
  • it's Skylar and me afterwards!
    • stand up might do an open mic in here that week


  • March 15th - Butter
  • first Sunday in May (or do you mean April, Fletcher?) - BMC


  • people are doing fine


  • we did the high five and then promptly moved on to finances?


  • #TODO: Austin/Andrew, email Skylar with list of things alums can buy us
  • Austin and Andrew will appeal to UFB re: the new weird budget system
    • Austin thinks it will work itself out


  • they claimed they fixed the roof but it doesn't look any different…?
  • let's wait for another warm day to see if it leaks again
  • #TODO: Austin, email Skylar a description of leak damage w/ pictures so we can get some $$$


  • Friday 4/24
  • Skylar will submit paperwork when he next meets w/ Joie


  • okay


  • ?????????


  • 7/2/4 Playfest
  • Sunday show


    • Austin has an email address for a guy in the music department in charge of acquisition
    • we don't actually own the piano
    • Upspace shows do use the piano (come see Thank You Sorry next week!)
    • the piano is the only thing we really have that supports musicians
  • coming soon: Upspace lottery!
  • coming soon: PW library!
  • Becca will fix up SM kit
    • if Josh wants to change the physical box he can
  • softball starts soon
  • it's International Women's Day
  • Austin and Devon are lonely on their soccer team


  • -
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