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Meeting Minutes, 25 January 2015

meetin' in a winter wonderland

HERE: Austin, Keston, Paige, Ada, Ben C., Celeste, Devon, Josh, Ian (visiting—Upspace), Andrew, Liz, Becca, Lauren (visiting—Wonderland), Jenn, Rebecca (visiting—Wonderland), Skylar, Simon [minutes-taker], Fletcher

THORNS: no more post-10pm hang outs; really tired; risks; sick; can feel weather in joints like an old woman; succumbing to reality; craziness; the I'm With The Band program is a lie; back feels fucked up; haven't cried in like a week and my face feels constipated; not dropping thesis; feeling “thhppt” [fart noise]; have to do actual schoolwork; mini-version of Celeste's sickness; have to throw away some yummy stew; something bothering me but WHAT?; sick and getting sicker—pretty mucoused up; cracked head on Myra Citrin's car

ROSES: productive mornings and lots of sleep; cast my show and playing lots of hearts; challenges; getting really excited about things that I do; got to run around and play in the snow; the beauty of reality; puttin' on a show!; Emma is visiting; happy with classes; found Adam Wyron's labels on plats; not dropping thesis; have been sought out by freshman for advice on applying to this board; Wonderland is wonderful; TV sort of mostly works and classes will be genuinely challenging; seein peeps; skiing; schedule is settled and saw Goodfellas; got into a play


  • building is super fun
  • still looking for an ASM
  • doing more shows with smaller house
    • 425 total show-seeing opportunities is arbitrary
    • if we are going to ask them to do more shows, we should support them (ordering food, BURP massages)
    • we can just start selling tickets a half-hour before the show
    • make the Upspace a waiting room?
    • one HM will be out front redirecting people to the Upspace door, one HM does ticketing in the Upspace
    • up to 8 cast/crew reserves per show, one show can have 15 reserves
    • cast should invite friends to dress rehearsals


  • they need a SM, PM


  • Sarah's show happened, people came
  • Ian is in here next week
  • Ben is going to monitor and operate the board
  • Spencer is in here after Wonderland, Andrew is liaison
  • there is a rep plot now


  • we're leaning towards Saturday 2/21 BUT a bunch of people might have tech
  • if Twelfth Night doesn't have a two-day tech, seems like 2/21 is better
  • ten-page limit on proposals and they're due on Wednesday 2/18
  • schmooze Wednesday 2/11
  • #TODO: Celeste, make a Facebook event
  • email Jenn for a buddy


  • Clyde is playing at 7pm
  • no alcohol!


  • there's a cast
  • looking for a PM
  • production meeting soon
  • gonna apply for some grants



  • Fletcher is sad he doesn't get to high five anyone
  • benefactor still has not told Liz about WW money
  • Matt takes a long time to get in touch with Fletcher


  • SAO upgraded their system and they're more stringent now
    • no washing machine?!
      • #TODO: Andrew, try to get us money for a washing machine
      • we could use raised funds? nah
      • when we fundraise, ask for items rather than amounts


  • we're space


  • we're space
  • only saws require training, screw guns are fine


  • “did you guys meet?”
    • “naw. i'm sending out an email right now”


  • FB Events Creation / Morning Mail Submission Team
    • Writers Week: Simon
    • Spring @ PW: Celeste
    • Spring @ PW Schmooze: Jenn


  • freshman brunch what the what?!
    • on a Saturday or Sunday before Wonderland shows?
  • Ben read an article that said we should grill if we lose power in the storm
  • mid-year activities fair is Wednesday 2/4
    • #TODO: Liz, send around a thing so we will have people there
  • #TODO: Austin, PWAQ please
  • #TODO: Becca, send an email about spring intramural sports
  • #TODO: Austin, add scheduling work day to next agenda
  • #TODO: everyone, email Austin about what you want to learn


  • we are BLIND and have NO VISIONS
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