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Meeting Minutes, 20 January 2015

the bitches are back
back for the attack

HERE: Becca, Ben S., Fletcher [minutes-taker for r's + t's], Liz, Josh, Austin, Skylar, Keston, Jenn, Ada, Andrés, Ben C., Celeste, Devon, Simon [minutes-taker for the rest], Becca Millstein (barely)

THORNS: no space and the SAO fucked up; walking through a fog and it ain’t pretty; nervous for no reason; I smell bad; feeling floopy; really difficult break; mildly stressed about classes; not stopped singing Spring Awakening songs; lost my mittens and too many classes to shop; didn’t respond to an email about this very meeting; stage-managing a show for writing is live about a capella group (I need a dildo); ski-ing with Ben but…; people you love and care about are just weird; I am back here…damn; RPL training was garbage; there is so much good stuff to consume but I forget to create; keep thinking that I lose my keys (but not actually losing them)

ROSES: rehearsal is going well; addicted to hearts; relaxing break and missed meetings (needs friends [Andrew Ganem]); possibility; shopping a class with Jordan Branch; got a job!; reuniting with my grandpa and Becca Millstein is on campus; gave a lap dance in rehearsal and got a hot new hot hawt roommate; Twelfth Night is so much fun and I love going to rehearsal and I love that love; it’s relatively warm out; hearing Maria’s story; brunch with Emma Johnson and she went down on one knee; …I hurt my knee; I have a dining room table ergo nothing to complain about and a new geetar; great break and it was great and I had a great time and being home is pretty great; new moon new semester; consuming over break; coming into this room and seeing all these beautiful faces


  • “they're doing their thing” -A.D., EP
  • current set idea does not work in any known universe, but a talk (or two) will be had
  • design runs Thursday 8:30 and 9:30/9:45


  • they're looking for a PM
  • we've reached out to DPS re:gender, they're not getting back
    • Skylar doesn't anticipate it being a problem
  • Sam's in a show, but things are happening


  • there are lights…on the ground
  • Sarah Cooke is on Friday
    • Fletcher is monitoring
    • she should keep her receipts for reimbursements
  • Ian Everbach is doing some plays next week
    • Fletcher is directing two of them!
  • Spencer R-R is directing a play Brad Weekes wrote
    • needs a liaison
  • we should go support these new things…COME!
  • next lottery


  • Fletcher is in charge now
  • gonna talk to Clyde


  • push auditions!
  • Ben C. is EPing
  • they need a PM and LD


  • Jenn is the new Marty (re:high five)
  • the benefactor has not responded to Liz yet
  • Fletcher is in contact with Matt
  • Waxwing didn't cost us any money…just because


  • we have money
  • we accidentally overspent $542
    • we still have $21,000 though so like nbd
    • but Andrew still apologizes
  • we are going to fundraise
  • SOTG still has not paid us for duv


  • we had work day before we left
  • the spay is mayed.
  • facilities fixed some stuff
    • there is a window
  • after shopping, let's figure out when our finals are so we can schedule work day!


  • all quiet on the western front


  • “we should meet”
  • “we should have an archives work day”
  • “we will meet”
  • Keston will make sure upspace shows take pics


  • TWITS auditions
  • Stranger Talk
  • “Quitters” auditions
  • Sunday Show


  • Austin wants to do board wizards
    • he will send out some dates
    • email Austin what you want to learn!


  • Writers' Fortnight update: since there are so many full length plays happening, maybe the original 'three plays in rep' plan is not ideal
    • SKYLAR why would you not respond to our email thread saying this
    • this is not what we decided to spend two weeks
    • but also it's the two weeks before spring break, so not totally two weeks?
    • ultimately the goal is still the original plan of full productions in rep
  • gonna try to do another brunch this semester to snatch up late bloomers!
  • what if we turned one meeting per month into a more involved brunch so we can hang out?
  • Ada sent out condensed proposal questions
    • 1. everyone needs to be chill with these
    • 2. we need to decide how to phrase the pitch and the pre-questions
      • meeting after the meeting on Sunday
  • we can still have parties
  • upspace visions committee gonna meet
  • #TODO: Austin, make pwaq pretty


  • jack SHIT (“project workshop”?)
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