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Meeting Minutes, 22 February 2015

HERE: Spencer R.-R. (visiting), Devon N., Ben Ch., Andrew G.A.N.E.M., Nika S. (visiting), Paige V., Ada D.-Z., Cameron N. (visiting), Ben H. (visiting), Simon H. [minutes-taker], Liz O., Jenn, Becca, Ben S., Austin D., Celeste C., Liesl (visiting), Keston M., Skylar F., Dylan C. P. (visiting)

THORNS: no time to [sigh noise]; really stressful to have Fletcher do the show; have to write a paper; two load-ins in the next two days; midterm tomorrow (lolz) and have to memorize a monologue; very nervous about tech week; don't like reading science; one of my boots is fucked up; have to write a paper 2nite; literally about to get fucked so hard…by all this work; saw ten seconds of Spring Awakening and I wish I could be in it; older brother bailed on John Mulaney; midterm unstudied; -; worked a lot but didn't get much done; all residents have crises; don't care about things I should care about; hungry; beyond exhausted and shit to do; death

ROSES: enjoyed decision meeting; Fletcher could do the show tonight; got a Brown Admirers; two load-ins in the next two days; one year since picked to direct first show and now working on third! she's on a rolllll; BOLT and people have been treating me well; like reading literature; the other boot is okay; I look really hot in this show; like wow I am about to get this amazing opportunity; QNW moves in on Tuesday; people responding well to performance in Leo Baum; got a lot of homework done today; -; decisionmeetngwsgd; love residents; excited to get things over with; got award for Mock Trial; good day AND NIGHT; tech went well and figuring out hands


  • negotiated Quitters rehearsal vs. BA perfs
  • BA will get Downspace light board on Tuesday
  • we have not heard from CAC yet
  • #TODO: Austin, talk to Sam about adding stairs to plats
  • going to get in touch with BDH and Blog
  • lights will coordinate
  • sound stuff is figured out
  • Austin has communicated Stephanie's set modifications to Sam


  • TWITS is here now, strike Monday
  • Andrew is Spencer's liaison
  • Quitters Never Win monitors
    • Wednesday 8pm: Ada
    • Thursday 8pm: Andrew
    • Friday 6pm: Becca
    • Friday 10pm: Ben C.


  • Celeste took Fletcher's line of “god damn it”
  • New Works gave money to Isabel Diawara's show in the Crystal Room (for publicity) and QNW (for set)
  • Open Jar has not given money recently


  • nothing new


  • strike:
    • props and furniture will move right after the show
    • board will do plats later
    • keeping four 10” plats for QNW


  • hopes to start auditioning at the end of this week (Fri, Sat, NOT Sun)
  • need SM, PM, SD
  • Celeste and Jenn are EPs and are there for your questions, Nika!


  • “I love Andrew.” -Austin Draycott
  • Andrew is meeting with our UFB rep this week
    • going to try to work out some exceptions since we operate differently than other student groups
  • #TODO: Ben S., get Andrew the Wonderland reimbursements as ASAP as possible
  • if you think you need money for your rooms next year, let finance peeps know
  • “teat” -Ben Chesler


  • Ben and Austin have been talking to facilities, EHS, Joie, etc. about flooding upspace booth
  • there's mildew in the hot room, women's bathroom, hallway…gross
  • traction is gaining but PW is not Brown's top priority
  • Quitters, don't put anything in the booth
  • we need to let people know about mildew and mold!
    • it's the thing EHS is most concerned with
    • #TODO: Simon, put a sign on the women's bathroom door


  • ? i think we are


  • “have you had your workday yet?” “no”
  • “we have a weekly meeting time set and […] we're gonna start meeting at that time”


  • FCG auditions
  • FCG PM, SM, SD
  • push Quitters
  • #TODO: Austin, make e-announcement of the season
  • #TODO: Simon H. Silver, change silver box


  • we can't do February fundraising, might happen in the summer
  • we need three more softball players
    • Skylar might be down
    • Austin wants to play indoor soccer
  • let's talk new mems!
    • schmooze March 4th
    • apps due March 11th
    • decision meeting March 15th
  • S&B decision meeting is also FCG dry tech
    • can start tech after meeting, or break it into chunks
  • Nika can rehearse WHENEVER THA FUCK SHE WANTS!
  • upspace dimmers aren't labeled because they're fluid
  • Dylan can put BA costumes in DR2
  • workday—offering MF May 10-12


  • -
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