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Meeting Minutes, 17 February 2015

HERE: Keston, Celeste, Becca, Ezra (visiting), Skylar, Ben S., Sam K-M (visiting), Simon [minutes-taker], Liz, Cameron (visiting), Jenn, Fletcher, Ada, Luke (visiting)

THORNS: did not have a productive long weekend; quotes to previous; feelings that feel like they come out of nowhere; he's on MF; it was only half the work I needed to get done; I do nothing a lot; production; feel like a third class citizen and also stupid people from stupid past are stupid; expected to do that and anything else (and never meeting those expectations); stressed about shit; doing a ton of shit and doing it all at 25%; people making me shave my face; worrying so much about other people that you let yourself become a mess; so tired; have not slept this week

ROSES: had a good relaxing long weekend; quotes to previous; feeling really satisfied in things that I'm doing; really happy; getting a bunch of work done this weekend; surprising and wonderful things are surprising and wonderful sometimes; productivity; doubled the amount of steps I was supposed to take on the pedometer (ed. note: fitness nerdddd); this thing that happens in the room; can turn on the happy; excited for new things that are starting; “collided like boxing gloves” APPARENTLY no sexual connotation but idk??; making serious leaps in rehearsal; show looks great; died hair purple (subtly)


  • $25 publicity budget for every show comes from SAO
  • Cameron is the PM now!
  • can Leo Baum strike be delayed until 11?
    • most of the board won't even be free until 11
    • cast will strike costumes and props right after the show; board will come at 11
      • board members who can, show up at ~9:10 to unlock doors etc.
    • plats can go straight into downspace at 11
  • no sound designer currently
    • sound hasn't become an integral part of the show
    • Sam will talk to people to help him hang speakers and putting things in QLab
    • Skylar can help an ASM learn QLab
    • board can help hang and cable speakers
  • will be hearing about CAC funding this week


  • Celeste showed Spencer around today
  • we will leave some chairs up there after TWITS strike
  • there is a lottery on the 1st


  • Brown Unheard is on for the Sunday at the end of spring break; Fletcher will be around
  • there's an opening on the 15th
  • What's On Tap? is interested


  • “we are happy campers”
  • plats tomorrow @ 11:15
  • Ben S. will show Ada how to use Eventbrite
  • Ben C. will work with Josh on plat setup
  • HMs:
    • Saturday 8pm: Jenn, Ben S.
    • Sunday 8pm: Becca, Ben C.
    • Monday 8pm: Ben C. and SOMEONE ELSE PLZ
  • push the Facebook event!


  • buddy chickens
    • #TODO: Skylar, get script from Dylan
    • #TODO: Simon, meet with Fletcher now now now like YESTERDAY
  • decision meeting will prob start at 9
  • #TODO: Becca, get a room


  • Quitters Never Win applied to New Works and Open Jar
    • Open Jar is on that shit, they already decided ($38.88)


  • Ada learned


  • butt windows don't close
  • homemade costume rack is broken and dangerous
    • let's move it out of the room! nothing is hanging on it


  • we're secure


  • “oh yeah, we're gonna plan a workday”
  • “ditto with the Upspace archives, we're gonna plan a workday”


  • push TWITS


  • we can talk about fundraising in PWAQ w/o it being explicitly a fundraising letter
    • we should have a fundraising opportunity at renish
    • #TODO: Becca, add this to PWAQ
    • #TODO: Austin, do not send out PWAQ yet
  • Fletcher dreamed about being married to me (et al.)
  • gun can't leave business
  • Keston does not understand his own schedule?!
    • will we ever have brunch
  • we should label upspace dimmers
    • it's not possible
  • “Adelaide's Lament”
    • #TODO: Becca, audition for a musical!
  • Skylar needs an email from Austin
  • what shall we do about leaky Upspace booth?
    • let's hope and pray or whatever
  • #TODO: Ben C., set up a monitor in the Upspace
  • the shop is too dirty!


  • -
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