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Meeting Minutes, 8 February 2015

HERE: Celeste, Fletcher [minutes-taker], Liz, Andrew, Devon, Cameron (visiting), Ezra (visiting), Becca, Keston, Ben C., Ben S., Jenn, Skylar, Austin, Ada

THORNS: Reading, totally booked, what is squash, sad news,will they fail, 11-5 hw, lint in finger, bad habits, i'm older than miss universe, v sick, melancholy, “dick in your mouth” girl in a car, long day, watch is 6 min behind and i can't trust analog, what happened to my phone in the night

ROSES: Simon as God, Wonderland, lifes' goin pretty well, lots to be thankful for, big productive plans, pw inner circle, wonderland, wonderland + good vibes, it's never too late, $2 wrigley coupon, i just saw the best dog i have ever seen, funny high science movie that was better because i knew it was all bullshit, excited for run of leo baum, fell asleep eating godiva cheesecake, you all are cool and so is wonderland


  • HMs for today figured out
  • purpose of HMs
    • we provide them, so it does not matter what they want us to do
    • if you see the show, see the show not being an HM
  • strike
    • this already happened so I'm not going to copy these notes


  • set is not currently going to work
    • Skylar said “it's not that original”
  • Sam is here!
  • still needs a PM
    • going to TA3
    • put it the email
    • we need a mentor for the PM
      • nobody wants to do it, but it's just a meeting and a phone number
    • Becca and Andrew will hotseat if no one will do it
    • Liz will mentor if we get a freshman
  • Stephanie wants flameproof sheets
    • we are just going to present the set without them
  • keep some plats in the room from Wonderland
  • wants rehearsal lights
  • “Austin, do you have my groundplans?”
    • “Yes, they're in my office.”
      • Austin has an office.
        • It's in the Biomed center
  • Sam is going to have a gallery in the upspace
    • can apply to New Works
      • Fletcher got yelled at for making a joke


  • Writing is Undead got no submissions :(
    • could we still provide a forum for shorter shit?
    • is it a thing where we did it to let people know about it in years to come
    • people flake. damn.
      • this note taker became very sad upon hearing this
    • Ben S.: a vague theater company NTEF does things in a way that makes them feasible (i.e. beore break a sample then flesh out over Christmas break [Christmas not Chanukah])
      • Skylar says no, NTEF sucks
  • Spencer's show needs to strike by 11:59pm on Saturday


  • Liesl is doing lights
  • reminder that this is a board produced show


  • Nikka is doing great
  • Andy Colpitts is doing Orlando
    • on the owncloud
  • Jonathan Adams is doing a crazy show
    • needs to email Josh
  • Dylan is proposing Into the Woods
    • Josh should check with MTI, rights take longer than usual


  • New Works
    • two apps going to be decided at strike
  • Open Jar
    • nobody has applied


  • Ada is going to be trained
  • Wonderland things are going in
  • Budget due on March 7th
    • Austin is going to work with Ada and Andrew
  • when you request money it's for the specific item
    • but since we already have the money, Andrew is going to see if we can change it to be for other things


  • upspace leak
    • Brown is not reroofing the building
    • we should go up on the roof in the fall and clear the gutters
  • BMC needs an interim key


  • let's hope Wonderland doesn't burn down
  • Sam's show is still not safe


  • board brunch on the long weekend, freshman brunch, pwaq Austin?, new Instagram called production.workshop, pw softball let’s get it going, make lobby have more painted things box office and upspace, #TODO everyone send Austin your choices about workday during finals, Devon bought Austin crackers because they are Austin brand


  • we are BLIND and have NO VISIONS
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