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Meeting Minutes, 1 February 2015

hump milfies

HERE: Jenn, Liz, Fletcher, Devon, Celeste, Becca, Skylar, Simon [minutes-taker], Ada, Ben C., Austin, Keston, Andrew (computer ghost)

THORNS: postering sucks and it's cold; negative thoughts and can't express them; thornless; felt like I was dying; sick and “my tonsils feel like grapefruits”; stayed up late for no reason; no weekends (“she puts us into trances and records what we do”); general feeling of things not working out; stuck in a computer and can't strangle Celeste; hurt myself; really sick and double sick from Advil; plants died; “illusion”

ROSES: handsome; beautiful day; Gossip Girl; feeling considerably better and FOOTBALL; grapefruit-tonsils a handy excuse; cast the rest of the cast; writing a thesis under the guidance of Rebecca Schneider (“she sort of coerced me but it felt good”); things WILL work out!; Super Bowl and had a great weekend; fixed myself; it's a good day; gorgeous day; “perception”


  • they're IN THE BUILDING
  • since we're not doing plats, we can help the TDs in other ways (they will email)
  • HMs
    • Fri 8pm: Ben (CG), Andrew (tickets)
    • Fri 9:30pm: Andrew (CG), Becca (tickets)
    • Sat 2pm: Keston (CG), Skylar (tickets)
    • Sat 3:30pm: Skylar (CG), Jenn (tickets)
    • Sat 8pm: Jenn (CG), Devon (tickets)
    • Sat 9:30pm: Devon (CG), Fletcher (tickets)
    • Sat 11pm: Fletcher (CG), Liz (tickets)
    • Sun 2pm: Liz (CG), Ada (tickets)
    • Sun 3:30pm: Ada (CG), (tickets)
    • Sun 8pm: (CG), Celeste (tickets)
    • Sun 9:30pm: Celeste (CG), Keston (tickets)
    • Mon 8pm: Becca (CG), Austin (tickets)
    • Mon 9:30pm: Austin (CG), Ben (tickets)
  • people should come see design runs
  • fire safety will be Wednesday


  • they need a PM
  • someone from the show needs to be here next week


  • Ian's thing was in here and it was cool!
    • it had a computer program?!?!
  • Wonderland is in here this week, Quitters Never Win after that
  • Spencer wants someone to show him the Upspace light and sound boards
    • #TODO: Celeste, email Spencer about this


  • Brown Unheard is super interested
  • no free Sundays for a while


  • it's going great!
  • Ada/Luke doing PM duties
  • still no lighting designer, but there IS a costume designer
  • #TODO: Celeste, update the show packet


  • buddies are all on track and meeting and stuff
  • let's keep pushing!
  • schmooze is Wednesday 2/11


  • New Works
    • Spencer and Skylar will apply
    • #TODO: Ben C., see if Ian has some receipts that he wants reimbursed
  • Open Jar
    • will be filled


  • we have money
  • #TODO: Andrew, write supplemental funding request for washer/dryer
  • fundraising
    • three options: phone, email, letter
    • phone is best but requires us to all be in a room at the same time (unlikely)
    • maybe letters is a nice in-between
      • we can mention the chairs
    • we need more info from Joie
  • #TODO: Andrew and Austin, buy the things we said we were going to buy


  • the spay is mayed


  • apps are due on Wednesday so “push that for true”
  • we can show the benefactor that we can mount full productions in here


  • Austin and Stephanie are having a date
  • “she is not madd at us currently”


  • they have minutes
  • they want to do an archives workday
    • not everyone, but more than just the core four


  • to promote
    • Wonderland
    • Writing is Undead proposals
    • Spring @ PW proposals
      • schmooze next week
  • way easier to invite people to stuff on Facebook now


  • end-of-year reception/banquet to unite all the casts/crews
  • #TODO: Austin, take Brendan Pelsue's 3c2c play off the website
  • #TODO: Austin, PWAQ!
  • Liz and Celeste wrote pickup lines
  • activities fair is Wednesday 7-9, in the multipurpose room
    • Fletcher and Keston will set up at 6
  • late-night brunch?!
  • calendar and silver box need to be updated
  • #TODO: Austin and Fletcher, should schedule czarina exist? Fight it out.


  • we are BLIND and have NO VISIONS
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