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Meeting Minutes, 26 April 2015

HERE: Emma (visiting), Austin, Celeste, Devon, Luke, Ada, Andrew, Becca B., Bailey (visiting), Simon [minutes-taker], Ben C., Grant (visiting), Ellie (visiting), dog (visiting), Fletcher, Becca M., Skylar, Jenn, Keston, Liz

THORNS: being inside on nice days; tired; royally fucked for French project; had to bring dog to bathroom to shower; long days; week was hard; breathing, eating, and sleeping all hurt; no face lotion and frustrating dancers; so busy that I'm losing touch with people; software problems with phone; allergy; June 1; never filed taxes and it's scary; —; large crowds; feel like shit; tired; don't know what the frick I'm doing this summer; not enough time to do all the things I need to do

ROSES: bowling and the bowling alley turned into a club; wasted; dog and great roommates; directing for SOTG next semester; people that I love; things came together and I get to be a person again; watching my mom play viola; Emma is here; here and excited; secretly 40; Becca got into med school; April 26; being here; saw friends sing and saw Emma's silhouette and Deadsville; breakfast with Emma; slept a lot last night; meeting people; great night seeing talented friends; “I don't really have a rose, but things are okay, in general. It's fine”


  • it opened!
  • strike is on Monday at 9:45 (be there at 9:30)
    • take down seating plats before duv (all lights are above plats)
    • JOBS: Austin - run strike, Liz - scaffolding and other space things, Jenn - plats and BO, Becca M. - duv, Devon - chairs and plats and props, Luke - chairs and plats and lights, Ada - upspace, Andrew - plats and lights, Becca B. - destroy the set or shop, Ben C. - electrics, Fletcher - lights, Deadsville will be very late :-(


  • they will do a Thursday matinee
  • ITW, let us know when you want plats set up
  • set meeting coming up(?)


  • Friday 5/8
  • BMC is going to help monitor and set up plats


  • just got a New Works application for Deadsville


  • Ellie got a jacket
    • need props, TD, ASM
    • PM should start coming to meetings
      • Jenn is mentoring her
    • Ada is EPing with Liz


  • we put in a request for hard hats
  • #TODO: Andrew and Ada, let Austin know how much money we have so he can make sure we spend it all


  • Sam is here!
    • improvised play one night, maybe also an open improv jam, mayyybe a movie night?
    • probably Thursday and/or Friday, 8-10ish


  • the back stairs are pretty dang awful


  • we're getting hard hats
    • only for people who are catching lights
    • “Wearing a seatbelt is consenting to crash.” -FB


  • the people (Devon and Becca B.) will never meet apparently

Interjection: Andrew is lying on the floor and the dog is licking his face


  • Outerspace 5/8
  • visions is on 5/9
  • #TODO: Celeste and Ada are compiling the list
  • jobs bbq over email


  • assistants for ITW


  • summer job is expanding to all day
    • Skylar is working on getting more money for whoever does it
  • Luke and Andrew are down to plan renish, Becca B. will help mentor
  • #TODO: Austin, get Luke his keys


  • -
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