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Meeting Minutes, 19 April 2015

HERE: Josh, Skylar, Austin, Celeste, Bailey (visiting), Ben S., Liz, Becca M., Fletcher, Luke, Jenn, Devon, Simon [minutes-taker], Keston, Ada, Grant (visiting)

THORNS: dead squirrel; feel like a mood-killer; everything I put in my body this weekend; it was cold last night at some points; blister; spring weekend came at a shitty time; I forget; I feel like Leonardo; bad mixologist; lots to do now; hates VISA; got a bloody nose; FOMO; crying for no reason; family

ROSES: spring weekend; nice friends; everything I put on my body this weekend; hopefully will have a bike soon; busted out sandals from Aunt Shirley; new eskimo siblings; dancing is fun and Jenn's wish is Austin's command; I understand the appeal of drinking now; best cure is alcohol; fun few days; spring weekend was fun; turned in a draft of my thesis; spring; being honest even when it's scary; first spring weekend


  • currently in tech
  • duv is up (#Keston)
  • groundplans are nonexistent
    • Stephanie S. will not do an inspection until she sees a groundplan
  • plats will probably be Tuesday
    • Celeste and Liz will be there
  • production meetings at 11pm starting tomorrow


  • Dylan has been told what the deal is with rights and script alterations
    • he has been talking to B? Josh will talk to B
  • housing is figured out
  • still working on groundplans and fire safety scheduling
  • we paid for five shows so we should do five shows


  • proposers (who are still proposing) are all doing fine
  • the meeting is on Saturday!


  • last week debrief:
    • it was as big as prom with only one monitor
    • all sorts of drinking and smoking—NO GOOD
    • only a couple people came to clean up
    • got combined with a Clerestory party?
  • L5Y is this week, then Sam Lanier


  • #TODO: Liz, Fletcher, Becca M.—plan this
    • pick a date, still, please
      • let's do during finals rather than reading period
  • BMC is very down to help organize and set up


  • Open Jar and New Works both have $$$


  • we have money
  • we are getting the washer/dryer (allegedly)


  • Austin is trying to fix the loud vent
    • “If you can get that fixed, pw will be perfect.” -KM


  • only emotional hurt


  • they want to call the space MF when they are in here
  • maybe we can repaint the whole downspace?
  • “We get KDo” -JM


  • everyone add your things to Devon's calendar


  • assistants for ITW


  • #TODO: Skylar make a visions spreadsheet
  • #TODO: buddies make sure Josh knows what show your buddy is proposing
  • #TODO: Austin, find out when L5Y shows are (and email us about it)
  • #TODO: Celeste and Jenn, figure out this banquet thing
  • #TODO: Ben S., send out the calendar
  • ADOCH event Wednesday 4pm, meet at Faunce
  • we can talk to Taiko about when our showtimes are, but we have to be understanding that they have no obligation to us


  • -
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