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Meeting Minutes, 12 April 2015

HERE: Fletcher's mom (visiting), Fletcher, Skylar, Celeste, Becca M., Ben S., Ben C., Becca B., Grant (visiting), Luke, Jenn, Devon, Ada, Keston, Josh, Andrew, Simon [minutes-taker]

THORNS: threw up on bed; need to write paper; missing events; so unproductive; I'm inside; back is in pain; life is really expensive; have to do the shit that I haven't been doing; hair is volumized; miss son Fletcher; have to rehearse throughout spring weekend; been being very productive but have to sacrifice sleep for that; impotence; received many small bad newses; weather will prevent me from studying me for my midterm; literally everything that is not dogs; under the weather; feel totally dead and had 90 unread emails

ROSES: relaxed all day; for colored girls; discovering both purpose and that the Providence IHOP is open 24 hrs; chilled all day; for colored girls; donuts; hung out with parents and dad cried during for colored girls; chillin hard since Tuesday and I don't see it stopping; everything went well yesterday; here visiting beautiful son Fletcher; my lovely mom; Big Fucking Deal Show; desire; Fletcher's mom took care of me with pizza; IFF student short films were really cool; dogs; Celeste is in a dress; training trip was great


  • get there for strike at 9:30, strike will begin 9:45
  • we can add butt seats for the last couple shows
  • strike
    • Austin: leading, Keston: duv and moving lights, Becca B.: set and shop, Ada: box office, Andrew: take down lights, Jenn: help w/ box office, Luke: lights, Josh: shop, Simon: furniture, Fletcher: electrics cleaning, Skylar: in the space, Celeste, upstairs (elbow and butt, repaint benches, dressing rooms), Becca M.: help Celeste with upstairs, Ben S.: chairs and plats and space stuff, Devon: box office
    • MF will be there too! lights, dressing rooms, etc.
  • PW and MF boards are both intro-ing
  • $114 under budget
    • can they donate that?
    • no. sorry!
  • we keep costumes since they were bought with our money
    • they can buy them from us if they want
  • Celeste sent a new ticket list for Sunday tickets


  • in the space starting tomorrow!
  • lumber order is getting here tomorrow—carry it in at strike?


  • we have the rights, they have the scripts
    • we need to reimburse Mr. Cape
    • Josh, give Andrew receipt and credit card statement
  • EPs, tell PM to be at board meetings
  • #TODO: Josh, email Dylan with contract explaining that we can't change the script AND with the specific language for the poster
  • show is closing the day of campus dance, so strike will be the day after (Saturday)


  • Dash is in here this week, Ben S. is his dude
    • #TODO: Ben S., tell Celeste once you know showtimes
  • no alcohol in the upspace ok!!?!??!?!


  • all set


  • #TODO: Liz, Fletcher, Becca M.—plan this
    • pick a date
    • reach out to BMC, Brown Unheard, Songwriters Club


  • we assigned some buddies: Keston - Evan, Josh - Emily, Liz - Arturo
  • #TODO: Liz, you are buddying Arturo! he wrote a script and wants to find a director
  • the meeting is Saturday 4/25


  • a ton of money in Open Jar
    • buddies—tell people to apply for grants!
  • New Works also has a ton of money


  • #TODO: Austin, have you gotten a quote to Andrew for the washer/dryer yet?


  • yep


  • Josh is doing the best he can with the paint room
  • Fletcher is loaning a mattress to Pei Ling


  • Austin's dates: 5/4, 5/5, or 5/17
  • it should be before denish


  • Becca B., Austin, Devon, and Ada
  • let's get half of all MF karma, no limit


  • we are going to try to get money for hard hats
  • #TODO: everyone, email the board with conflicts from 5/4 to 5/17 including times
    • for jobs bbq and visions
  • #TODO: Celeste and Jenn, tell Lauren to make sure designers bring back keys to strike
  • would be nice to do a banquet for all the people who've worked on shows this year
    • Jenn and Celeste are taking charge of that(?)
    • we should do it the week after the decision meeting so we can announce the season
    • RSVP should be involved, so we know where to put it?
  • we will ask for colored girls if they want to do a talkback after the show tonight


  • -
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