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Meeting Minutes, 5 April 2015

HERE: Becca M., Lauren (visiting), Liz, Bailey (visiting), Celeste, Keston, Ada, Devon, Ben C., Simon [minutes-taker]

THORNS: feel like shit; woke up early; have to start doing work; girl walked in on me mid-wipe; cake is ugly; feel like I screwed something up and my boobs are shrinking; can't figure out how to wipe sitting down; 13 strangers in my house; two a cappella shows and that is a part of my identity

ROSES: none; productive morning; Dreams; did improv in front of people and made a cake; baking the cake; “I am udderly excited to be in this moo-sical” -the guy playing Milky White; had a nice passover seder with the fam; fun to laugh; great comedy performances


  • plats Tuesday
    • Celeste will talk to Sam to figure out where to put them
  • there is a poster designer
  • HMs:
    • Friday 8pm: Celeste, Keston
    • Saturday 5pm: Devon
    • Saturday 9pm:
    • Sunday 8pm: Becca M., Liz
    • Monday 8pm: Ada, Ben C.
  • cast and crew gets into prom for free


  • there is a cast
  • first read-through Monday 7pm
  • they will come to strike (9:45pm)
  • may need a sound designer
  • show dates will likely be May 18-21 (M-Th)
  • we will maybe think about putting up a show on Saturday for alums to see


  • Celeste and Liz will paint walls and benches soon
  • lottery tonight for last three slots


  • there's one in May


  • Liz and Fletcher and Becca M. are on it
  • when will it be?
    • maybe during dry tech of Into the Woods?
    • maybe during finals?
    • figure it out ok


  • Ben held my hand
  • no one has applied to New Works
  • Dreams is applying to Open Jar


  • we're getting a washer and dryer
    • #TODO: Austin, get a quote for Andrew


  • #TODO: Becca M., make a FB event
  • jobs list exists
  • setup will be at 10
  • Ben C. will try to get Jeffrey to DJ all three hours
    • if he will only do two, he should do the last two
  • alcohol will be purchased
  • Simon is making pics


  • Facebook event is up—promote it!
  • schmooze Wednesday 4/15


  • yep


  • Becca B. can do one if she wants
    • she's doing it!


  • yeah ok


  • it's still Sunday 5/10
    • 5/10[WORK]
    • would be too sick if Into the Woods can rehearse 5pm or after


  • #TODO: Austin, schedule 3-4 hour visions meeting for a day or evening during finals
    • hopefully you still have everyone's finals conflicts


  • Ada made a spring weekend tank design
    • she will pick a design or let us vote
    • Ada is willing to set up shop outside the Ratty to sell them
  • Ben C. will get a PO for spike/glow tape and lend his car or go get it
  • #TODO: Austin, put “renegotiate MF contract” on the agenda for the next meeting


  • -
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