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Meeting Minutes, 21 September 2014

I was at Sweeney Todd wet tech, day 2.

HERE: Austin, Keston, Andrew, Liz, Marty, Sam (visiting—Nudity), Fletcher [minutes-taker], Jenn (visiting—Almost, Maine), Becca, Paige, Evan, Celeste

THORNS: Alex in a coffin; raindrops keep falling on my head; not dead or broken head; a splinter that won't come out; confused about Waxwing timing and confusedness; Saturday night; “look at me, I'm a bag” and matching with Andrew Ganem; need waaaater; laundry and food; too many times that I needed to wear my suit; my mom was crying because of a little boy's heart of justice and pastor who wanted to talk to him about the church

ROSES: dinosaurs fro the '90s; Andrew is sick; Providence; Waxwing and its beautiful people; Cabaret auditions this week; Friday night; Waxwing and Harmo babies and broccoli; visiting; Josh got punched in the face and dinosaurs; “I can bend my toenail and gross everybody out—pardon the vomit”; it's my birthday!


  1. full houses, even on a late Saturday night!
  2. might run out of programs—Sunday HMs should talk to Jenn
  3. strike at 10pm on Monday
  • Keston: duv, Andrew: electrics, Liz & Fletcher: lights, Marty: Upspace & booth & shop, Paige: coordinate what goes to the Upspace & painting, Celeste: box office, ALL: CHECK UP ON YOUR ROOMS


  1. no money needed
  2. they will be at strike
  3. they found an ALD


  1. nobody was in here apart from Almost, Maine
  2. #TODO: Austin, get black paint


  1. #TODO: Celeste, adapt a program template and give to Sam K-M
  2. Joie is scheduling GMCS and it shouldn't be a problem
  3. we need to do bag check on naked events
  4. Schedule:
  • Monday 7-9: Arts and Crafts/Body Painting
  • Tuesday 5-6:30: Yoga
  • Wednesday 8-9:30: Clothed Panel
  • Thursday 8-9:30: up in the air (game night? movie night?)
  • Friday 8 & 10: Devised piece
  • Saturday 7-9: Open Mic


  1. plays due next Tuesday at 5pm
  2. if you want to read plays, show up at 5:15 to preserve anonymity
  3. we have an SD and an SM
  4. #TODO: Marty, put up the director app
  5. director apps due Sunday at 5pm (or after soccer)
  6. be ready to publicize auditions very quickly


  1. recent grad things should happen
  2. Joie is putting out feelers


  1. Margaret sent out an email about her grant
  • it should be called Mess With The Audience
  1. probably we will get some posters up


  1. we have spent about $1200 this semester
  2. Almost, Maine has gotten in most of its receipts
  3. we owe Austin lots of $$$
  4. new UFB policies:
  • if food is integral to an event, you can get it totally funded
    • freshman brunch, schmooze food, renish food, etc.
  • if we can demonstrate need, we can get $50 for advertising an event instead of the usual $25
  1. #TODO: Andrew, deposit checks (in desk)
  2. #TODO: Marty, badger summer people about money


  1. crack in wall should be fixed on workday


  1. idiots who weren't at the meeting, Stephanie S. is scheduling another one


  1. #TODO: Skylar, look into this—seems to be your department


  1. Todd Lipcom came, we talked a lot
  2. video archives of shows for alums?


  1. #TODO: Marty the mailman, reach out about 3c2c auditions
  2. #TODO: everyone, hang 3c2c posters


  1. we like the Blue Room
  2. Sam Kusnetz's thing is a lot like Eventbrite
  3. #TODO: Marty, change the sidebar option on the website to “Tickets”
  4. Blue Room should be working by next weekend, definitely for Song
  5. Sam K-M might want to use Blue Room for Nudity


  1. inclusivity question, ok
  2. but we want to keep them short
  3. there are some questions that can't be answered until it happens
  4. could we have an “interview prep” section?
  5. want a brief description of pw values—formalizing buddy process
  6. flesh out the language of what happens in the interviews
  7. all of this on the same page as proposal questions
  8. #TODO: Paige, Andrew, Celeste, hash out “interview prep” questions
  9. “how will you be motivational” seems to be the same as “actively lead”
  • anyway, we could see it from the interview—put it in interview prep?
  • we should take it off
  1. “Why the downspace?” too utilitarian
  • how will it fill the space/why place it in the downspace?
  • maybe they don't need to have the same ideology
  • should ask “What is the draw of the downspace?”
  • should we be more vague with an explicit statement that there is no right answer?
  • maybe just: There is no right answer, so tell me, why pw?
  • how do we convey that you can be honest and say the truth if the reason is just that pw is the only place it could happen because of money and space
  1. we shouldn't use “We as a board” as a phrase since we don't always agree
  2. “Why pw?” should exist
  3. Ben's comment about using questions as waypoints is good
  4. should state that there is no requirement
  5. #TODO: Celeste and Andrew, draft up vagueness paragraph
  6. failure should not necessarily be seen as something to avoid
  7. maybe keep as an interview question


  1. MF wants to change workday date
  • #TODO: Simon, find new workday date
  1. Marty fixed the piano pedal, Joel is coming tomorrow to tune the piano
  2. Sunday before Nudity is the schmooze (maybe Nudity can paint while we drink?)
  3. we need pictures for Upspace shows
  4. kissing booth for prom?????!


  1. work week (Becca)
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