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Meeting Minutes, 14 September 2014

It was a long meeting. We sat on benches. Our backs slumped over at uncomfortable angles.

HERE: Austin, Skylar, Ben, Evan, Becca, Celeste, Liz, Jenn (visiting—Almost, Maine), Ezra (visiting), Marty, Andrew, Keston, Fletcher, Paige, Sam (visiting—Nudity), Simon [minutes-taker]

THORNS: lost water bottle (was very attached to it); feel like a freshman and an alum; shame; trying to branch out but it might backfire; random thoughts and vomit in the hall; eating alone; severe back pain from being frozen in place while watching True Detective; already behind on schoolwork; had to discuss circumcision; [something passive-aggressive]; discontent; empty stomach; losing toenail plus fuck REI am I right; we never un-Company-ed the benches and slept too much; Celeste crashed my car; my unit was super drunk last night

ROSES: Andrew and his girlfriend SO CUTE; Lucy the Puppy graduated from puppy kindergarten; Keston remembers some of his circumcision; Keston was circumcised by a rabbi even though he's not Jewish; was not the vomiter; Bagel Gourmet; finished True Detective; Emma is here; friendship and German literature; Will Underwood; gratitude; full heart; feels like I'm walking on clouds; things are mostly good and fun; berry-pickin' this weekend; my unit


  1. it's comin' up, let's publicize!
  2. Blue Room will hopefully be working for ticketing
  3. plats are Wednesday at 11pm
  4. Upspace painting during strike
  5. monitors!
  • Fri 8pm: Keston, Fletcher
  • Sat 6pm: Evan, Becca
  • Sat 10pm: Skylar, Andrew
  • Sun 8pm: Liz, Marty
  • Mon 8pm: Austin, Ben


  1. there is a cast! new faces!
  2. team is all full (they had a big dinner)


  1. Going Somewhere is done, very positive experience
  2. wall got painted a different black, we will fix at strike
  3. next lottery will be mid-October
  4. updates from Sam!
  • confirmed security from SAO for every night
  • events at 7pm all week except Tuesday at 5pm and Friday at 8pm and 10pm (maybe 6pm)
  • all events will need bags checked
  • space will be painted, will apply for funding soon
  • Blue Room will be utilized if functional
  • we should do advance guest ticketing


  1. plays due next Tuesday—share the Facebook event!
  2. you MUST use three chairs and two cubes (writer-suggested), you MUST NOT use anything else
  3. #TODO: Marty, send poster info to Evan
  4. #TODO: Evan, make poster by plats on Wednesday


  1. BMC will be in October
  2. will reach out to Gabe
  3. Nudity wants one, we'll talk
  4. Becca wants one
  5. we will talk to Taiko (will it be too loud?)
  6. we will talk to Poler Bears
  7. variety show?
  • would bring in lots of different groups at the same time
  • maybe one a semester


  1. meeting with Joie this week to figure out how much money we have, if there are events to schedule around
  2. Kate Burton?!
  3. #TODO: Skylar, reach out to Dan
  4. recent alums in theatre workshop (Megan, Adam, …?)
  5. falltime renish? we have money to do anything we want that brings back alums


  1. Upspace projects got some money after they applied for it
  2. did Isabel spend any money?
  3. are we publicizing New Works? yes, apparently


  1. Bunny, Bunny money money is coming out of this year's budget, not last year's
  • not really an issue since the money they didn't spend went into our raised funds
  1. #TODO: Marty, check in with Mark Cohen and Continuing Education
  2. SAO prefers us not to use Craigslist, but if we do we should have a bill of sale
  3. groceries are suspicious
  4. we would rather spend more money for a new washer/dryer


  1. we will look into the sparking wire
  2. at plats we should take out the busted bolt on the plat


  1. idiots who weren't at the meeting, email Austin


  1. Archives team is having an archives-specific visions
  2. Bunny, Bunny photos are up


  1. we will give it to the director
  2. need to specify that shows should not be using black chairs for rehearsal chillin
  3. #TODO: Skylar, build a lockbox for guns


  1. Becca is hoppin on jobs!
  2. look at the wiki page for your rooms/jobs
  3. Kali Quinn wants to do a Sunday show while Cabaret is in the space
  • it is Jenn's prerogative to give away or not
  1. soccer starts next week (Sundays between 6 and 9)
  • let's open it up to the community
  • should we make multiple teams?
  1. should publicity & outreach be an agenda item?
  • let's promote pw generally, as a thing—chalk?
  1. SOTG has proposed merging our costume stocks
  • sticky issue
  1. Winter at PW schmooze 10:30 on Sunday 10/5
  2. Writing is Live wants/needs(?) a larger undergrad presence
  • is this a way to use the potential funding from our benefactor?
  • Skylar and Sam K-M are S&B people dealing with new work
  • we should take submissions this semester


  1. nothing this week
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