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Meeting Minutes, 7 September 2014

Everything still has an air of newness: we haven't quite firmed up our class schedules, we haven't quite settled into our new jobs, we haven't quite figured out this new class of 2018. Yet things are moving: one Upspace show closed already. More old faces than last week, but some new ones, too. We eat baked goods and make plans.

HERE: Jenn (visiting—Almost, Maine), Evan, Marty, Fletcher, Ben, Liz, Becca, Andrew, Keston, Austin, Celeste, Ezra (visiting—curious freshman), Skylar, Allison (visiting—friend), Simon [minutes-taker], Dylan (visiting—Song)

THORNS: worried about not liking classes; it was so hot; not acting on impulses and too much self-awareness; people feeling like they can say whatever w/o consequences; drank like a freshman; remembering things that I really really thought I had forgotten; woke up facing the wrong way; have to make Fletcher feel bad about himself to feel happy; empty liquids into my body; first time on pw board sans Adam Wyron; eight hours of rehearsal; already have lots of homework; toenail is green and falling off; can't find lucky headband; roommate is using room as storage room for stolen street signs; woke up to dishes in the sink

ROSES: Allison is visiting, eating a donut; here and it's a beautiful day; MAN UP SHUT UP; good weekend; feelin good (apart from physical body), fun archsings; IT'S A NIECE for Uncle Marty!; panther; logic class in which I am smarter than Fletcher; seafood festival and photo experiments; donuts indicative of happy love; yesterday was the kind of day I always hoped college would be like (including group shower); got groceries including rotisserie chicken and freshmen thought I was a senior; too many classes I want to take; oysters; getting started with stuff; weather is lovely


  1. plats are Wednesday, 9/17 at 11pm
  2. set inspection 9/15 at 11am
  3. WE ALL MUST BE AT safety training in the Downspace Tuesday 9/9 or Wednesday 9/10 from 3-5pm


  1. meetings are in progress
  2. will they need more money for the set? mayyyybe
  3. once they have graphics they will audition poster


  1. Marcus is out, Isabel is in
  2. new liaison system seems to be working well
  3. Liz will liaise Jenn's Upspace week
  4. if you're monitoring an Upspace show, sit near the door to deal with late seating


  1. use the email list from the activities fair to fill Song team (email directly so they feel special)
  2. #TODO: Becca, sort the list and put it in Google Drive


  1. decisions meeting: Sunday, 10/26
  • proposals due Sunday, 10/19
  1. new members meeting: Saturday, 11/8
  2. visions meeting: who knows? but not this Sunday


  1. BMC expressed enthusiasm, they will get one


  1. same as it ever was


  1. New Works grant meeting right after this meeting
  2. New Works has $1000 for the semester; Open Jar is full at $450


  1. the spreadsheet lives on the ownCloud
  2. money? we've got it.
  • $13,000 this semester (which we applied for, lots for safety-related improvements)
  1. don't get PO'ed if you need a PO—just text Andrew!
  2. we were supposed to get $50 from Mark Cohen and $250 from Continuing Ed for Theatrebridge—did we?
  • #TODO: Andrew, check if we did


  1. let's paint the Upspace floor during plats


  1. we are, still.


  1. it is the weekend of 10/24
  2. plays due Tuesday 9/23 at 5pm
  3. decide on plays in the box office that night
  4. director apps due Sunday 9/28 at 5pm
  5. Marty will EP and we'll figure out someone else after this round of auditions


  1. we [Austin] will get them


  1. don't store things under the car seat in the box office
  2. Fletcher tried to do some joke thing with the amendment system of our constitution but it fell flat on its face, sorry Fletcher, seemed like a funny thing
  3. #TODO: Celeste, update the Upspace contract and the wiki page to accurately spell out what resources come with an Upspace week (along with potential exceptions)
  4. #TODO: Evan, make a subcommittee to figure out what we want out of a new website so we can talk about it concretely at Visions (Austin, Andrew, Marty)
  5. Austin will run a shop training at some point
  6. you don't need rights for academic staged readings, hooray!
  7. if we want to accurately archive, we should have it on the agenda
  8. bulletin boards in the box office are themed now?!?!
  9. #TODO: read up on inclusivity stuff from Paige
  10. #TODO: Becca, figure out intramural soccer


  1. Nudity in the Upspace or conversation-starting stuff every year? (Paige, Evan)
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