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Meeting Minutes, 1 September 2014

The first meeting of the 2014-2015 school year. Rife with possibility. We sit, breath bated, cramped in a stuffy box office. But the heat of the room cowers in the face of the heat of our passion. Ideas are shared, stories told. We are here. We are ready. We begin.

HERE: Marty, Josh, Paige, Celeste, Evan, Keston, Liz, Skylar, Fletcher, Jenn (visiting—Almost, Maine), Dylan (visiting—Song), Simon [minutes-taker]

THORNS: unnecessary rudeness; suitemates; fuck orientation + EMSed a resident; existential crisis for the next year; don't know a lot of things; hole in shorts; nice now life ends soon; being anxious; humidity; best friend is abroad; I missed Jenn's thorn (sorry Jenn); it is so hot in this room

ROSES: Uncle Marty!; Indian food; residents; living in a house; seeing everyone and being back; “everything is great and perfect and wonderful”; life is nice for right now; living off campus and Heineken earrings; lots of nice things and cool things; Phaedrus is alive; I also missed Jenn's rose but Jenn's hair looks great despite the humidity—you go girl; finished cleaning room


  1. cast is gelling, rehearsals are fun and smooth so far
  2. one actor is dropping out due to personal issues; their roles have been recast within the existing cast
  3. no more AD but it is okay
  4. they bought a thing at a yard sale (receiptless) but it's chill


  1. Dylan and Grant are in conversation, everything is peachy
  2. budget is looking good, PW's $750 might cover everything
  3. Audie Fierberg is making lobster claws (cool!)
  4. we need to confirm audition dates against Hype Hero auditions


  1. Marcus is in there right now! as we speak! the call is coming from inside the Upspace!
  2. the kiddy pool is being emptied every night (by various people)
  3. where is the tarp?
  • tarps are cheap, maybe just buy a new one
  1. #TODO: everyone, promote Utopia
  2. HMs are being figured out; Marcus would like them in the box office for ticketing
  3. let's figure out liaisons for the next couple Upspace shows
  • Ben is liaising “Going Somewhere” (Isabel Diawara)
  • Skylar and Marty are liaising Nudity pt. 3 (Sam K-M and Cherise Morris)


  1. it is Thursday from 7-10; people should go and hang out
  2. #TODO: Evan, make a fun slip
  • include directions, “come to our weekly meetings,” upcoming shows, audition/work on a show
  1. #TODO: Liz, send out a signup sheet to make sure there are always people there


  1. brunch on Saturday the 6th at noon in the Downspace
  2. Liz will buy bagels and cream cheese
  3. let's all do the dance! it is really fun and ideologically sound
  4. Evan's slip for the activities fair will also be distributed here
  5. we will use Airzookas in our presentation


A note from the secretary—looking at the minutes from the last meeting of last year, we said the Poler Bears would get the first choice of all Sunday Shows. It didn't look like there was opposition. Let's do this maybe. Also from those minutes, we floated the idea of inviting groups for specific dates to avoid the scheduling mayhem of last year. Something to keep in mind moving forward.

  1. let Skylar know if you have ideas; sounds like fun things cooking


  1. we have more money, we can invite more alums!
  • fingers crossed for Sarah Ruhl
  • Kate Burton?!
  • guy who has won fewer Tonys than he has been nominated for?!
  1. also let Skylar know if you have ideas about this!


  1. open jar has not been opened yet but Marcus is applying
  2. grants teams, coordinate to make sure Marcus doesn't accidentally get double money
  3. Going Somewhere has applied for New Works
  4. Evan will apply for both
  • Celeste will join Open Jar committee for Evan's app
  1. Liz thinks it would be fun to push and advertise New Works and Fuck w/ Audience grant differently


  1. we miss you, Andrew
  2. some lingering reimbursements that will be taken care of


  1. water in the Upspace
  2. water in the men's room
  3. #TODO: everyone, look at your rooms and make sure they look nice


  1. we are.


  1. “Less is more.” -an idiot. More is more!
  2. what if we shared the poster wealth by moving some from the box office to the hallway, perhaps w/ dates of shows?
  3. reach out to student visual artists to make the lobby pretty, perhaps in conjunction with shows
  4. let's have a bench or so in the lobby


  1. #TODO: Evan, be aware of advertising opportunities and take advantage of them (TVs
  2. Paige and Keston announced at TWTP
  3. some people are working on new proposal questions
  4. we should move this semester's visions to not in two weeks
  5. #TODO: Almost, Maine EPs, tell relevant designers that we will be in the Downspace for brunch on Saturday 11:30-1:30
  6. #TODO: Liz, make Hootsuite happen! Very excited about this social media revolution
  7. Marty will add a clause to the Upspace contract explaining that piano usage is not guaranteed
  8. we need to be more explicit that the board does not produce Upspace shows
  • but let's also make sure people know about the resources they DO have
  1. if you borrow a screw gun…
  • shoot an email to the board and current Downspace TD
  • take a red one and not a yellow one
  • make sure there are still at least three left in the shop
  1. let's make a chair rack like the new wood rack!
  2. let's make sure EPs let casts know that the board is here to help with inclusivity issues (mention specific marginalized identities)
  3. remember 3c2c is coming up, it's a bigger thing than we think it is
  4. should we have a potluck? uhh, probably, yes!!


  1. Let's talk about the Upspace again! Questions about how certain shows have happened. We need clear expectations, and then clear guidelines of what to do when those expectations aren't met. Also, what is the Upspace for? Is the fact of it being a week important? (Paige + others)
  2. Downspace shows applying for outside grants (Skylar)
  3. Remember how the benefactor wants to give us more money? Let's think about what to do with it if we take it (Liz)
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