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Meeting Minutes, 25 October 2014

We had a short meeting to get a taste of our super long meeting tomorrow! Yaaaaay!

HERE: Marty, Skylar, Alex (visiting), Becca, Liz, Celeste, Ben, Fletcher, Simon [minutes-taker], Evan

THORNS: always feel stressed in the morning; not sleeping; feel like about to die; might have stomach cancer (symptom is tummyache); eight hours on planes yesterday; no time to do anything except what I absolutely have to do; weekend is not a weekend; Brown Band woke me up; when will it be my turn; still haven't gotten all the make-up off & chain-smoked last night but have to sing a solo; miss Becca lots 'n' lots; soooo many things and not enough day

ROSES: more fun this weekend than thought & dad is here; seeing people makes me happier than it usually does; friends are nice; email from Celeste; in New England; dream where Skylar/Becca/Liz/Celeste were at a party at a nonexistent frat with Harrison Chad, thought he should go outside because his laptop was outside and might get stolen, went to sleep and they were all at his door with Sarah, they said they slept over in my room, he was confused and went to look and my room was three times its actual size with two huge beds and a handmade wooden ping-pong table; excited to dive into work; played a melodica (dream since high school) (you're welcome, Marty); crazy night; amazing night with Myra Citrin, scotch connoisseur; friend's parents are here & my parents are not here


  • timing was weird: lights were down and rooms were clean but set was still coming down
    • not enough screw guns
  • we usually get xtra-large pizza
  • treating strike as a teaching opportunity (giving inexperienced people screw guns) uses up everyone's timeā€”not necessarily fair to the people who aren't learning and still have to stay until the end
    • if people want to learn, there are lots of other chances to learn
    • also, poorly-built sets (stripped screws) make strike less productive
    • it's a matter of balance: let's say 2/3 experienced screw gunners, 1/3 new folks
  • board does not drink during strike


  • HMs for Noah's thing
    • Tuesday 3: Celeste
    • Wednesday 9: Marty
    • Thursday 5: Ben


  • all lights are staying in the space
  • plats can stay in the corner
  • lots of freshmen, be respectful
  • official start time is 9:45


  • we're photoshopping our faces onto horror movie stills
  • #TODO: publicity people, make Facebook event
  • 9:30 is call for us
  • liquor and snacks committee: Celeste and Ben (we need red cups AND clear cups, also ice)
  • decor committee: Liz, Evan(?), Marty(?) (look in props room first)
  • it is a party, but it's our job to make sure other people don't fuck up
  • Cabaret knows it's happening
  • would be cool if we had light effects
  • should we sell food?
    • popcorn?
    • fun-size candy?


  • Marty is rejoining the Sunday Show team
  • #TODO: Skylar, send Marty everything you have scheduled for this semester


  • nothing, still, I think?


  • student groups might be able to register for Zipcar at a discount
  • let's wait until the board doesn't have any cars (we don't have to use every grant always)
  • tell designers to ask their friends who have cars if they can use them rather than using a board member's car


  • apparently we haven't been paying High Output?
  • decorations and liquor and snacks can come out of karma
    • but however much money we take out of karma should be put back in karma, then the rest can go in our own funds


  • the ticking, oh, the ticking
  • huge secret stain (ghost/vampire semen?) on one of the duv panels
    • at workday, let's mark duv as good or bad
  • they keep fixing the downstairs door and it keeps not working


  • chair rack is dangerous and it hurt Marty
    • equilibrium position (no chairs) is very tilty
    • a new one is clearly not going to be built; we need to buy a new one
    • we will stop using the rack


  • meeting soon


  • i guess nothing


  • let's make the Facebook event more specific
  • we will get here at 11 on Wednesday to set up for the schmooze


  • christmas party
    • wait until after new mems
  • laser tag
    • letter team: Celeste, Fletcher
  • workday
    • Becca will plan workday
    • Liz will work with MF to schedule, as liaison
    • we will try for the 13th/14th
  • visions
    • will happen after new mems but we can schedule it before we get them
    • let's try and have a longer and more relaxed visions
    • #TODO: everyone, check 12/8-12/11 to see when we're free
    • how can you know who we want on the board without knowing what the board is?
  • new mems is Saturday 11/8
  • inish
    • it will be Thursday 11/13
    • December slot EPs should let the director know asap


  • soccer is at 8 on Sunday
  • introduce yourselves to people at 3c2c strike


  • nothing this week except for talking about when to do visions or minivisions
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