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Meeting Minutes, 19 October 2014

Where the fuck is everyone? Oh well, more donuts for us. I was the agenda bitch. I was a little bitchy. bitchbitchbitch

HERE: Marty, Skylar, Emily (visiting), Natalie (visiting), Evan, Liz, Becca, Josh, Simon [minutes-taker]

THORNS: sore from fun; not being free for the rest of the day; not liking things I in theory like; EventBrite and the anxiety of thinking about using EventBrite; had bad week and felt like sh*t; haven't seen rehearsal of 3c2c play; n/a; not feelin it 2day; things are okay but feel terrible, also feel like missed/overlooked romantic opportunities over the course of life

ROSES: there's a boy and nice night w/ Liz; freedom to be here; sweater; Andrew Silverman and Kent Smith; seeing parents; finished with proposal; feeling good about proposal; women's nutrition bars; sat in the cold at Coffee Exchange and worked on a paper


  • Becca is running strike!
  • strike starts at 10pm, Grant gets 10-15 minutes pre-strike
  • plats will stay where they are (chairs go), strike happens, we un-spider plats and then move them
  • let's put up 3c2c light plot as we strike Song lights
  • we will give the director 23 key to MF directors, too (but with obvious caveats of don't be stupid)
  • JOBS: Becca - run strike, Josh - supervising power tools, Simon - furniture, Marty - shop, Skylar - team duv, Evan - chairs and plats, Liz - things in the space and box office and pizza


  • we will break up Noah's thing into 1.5-hour slots, TBD over email once we have showtimes
  • Jesse's doing a thing about gyms, Marty hasn't met with him yet


  • Ben is working on liquor license stuff
  • GMCS is set up
  • Skylar is working on jobs list—email him by the end of the day with job preferences
  • decor team and alcohol team will be decided when more of us our here, hint hint
  • Liz and Evan have publicity stuff brewing in their cauldron of creativity


  • HMs:
    • Friday 6pm: Josh, Liz
    • Saturday 6pm: Skylar
    • Saturday 11pm: Marty, Becca
    • Sunday 8pm:
    • Monday 8pm: Evan
  • #TODO: Marty, send Simon poster info
  • #TODO: Marty, talk to Austin about light plot
  • Evan will lend Marty his camera for production photos
  • hopefully the c & c counts will be correct
  • toast is on Sunday


  • Pei Ling will do November 23rd


  • no news is bad news


  • no news is TERRIBLE news


  • #TODO: Austin, talk to Andrew about safety stuff so he can order it
  • we should remind PMs to turn in receipts at strike


  • Becca put in another work request for hand dryer in women's room
  • Attitude might borrow pipe bases, Becca will let us know


  • yes
  • fear is what makes ladders unsafe, not ladders


  • Almost, Maine page/album is up
  • when you meet with Upspace buddies, remind them to take pics!
  • we are legally allowed to have a video archive
    • maybe we could donate money to BMP (not students) and they will do nice videos of all our shows
    • #TODO: Skylar, talk to Emma
    • #TODO: Evan, talk to Angela


  • working on Monster Ball and 3c2c
  • #TODO: Liz, send morning mail for 3c2c
  • #TODO: Marty, make FB event for 3c2c


  • Ben is buddying Jenn
  • we should have visions before new mems
    • new mems need a semester to figure out how the board actually works
  • Sunday 11/2 for visions?
  • schmooze Wednesday 10/29 at 11pm
    • #TODO: Ben, as Noah's buddy, ask if we can use the upspace
    • #TODO: new mems people, make a Facebook event after we confirm the date
  • #TODO: Evan, edit the apply to the board wiki page
  • #TODO: Marty, add a sidebar for applying to board


  • #TODO: Becca, reserve a room (JWW, high up)
  • Kutay, Jordana are dropping out
  • #TODO: buddies, update spreadsheet if your buddy is not proposing
  • #TODO: proposals people, make interview calendar
  • MDs do not have be present for interviews
    • directors should be allowed to choose (they can also bring any member of their staff, if they are integral to the process)
  • upload scripts and proposals into ownCloud
  • #TODO: Gabe's buddy, tell him he can bring an MD to his interview if he wants
  • interviews are 20 minutes


  • soccer tonight at 8pm, team members give Becca $2 please


  • How many songs does a show have to have to be a “musical” and thus required to be present at the interview? Directors should be able to choose who is in the room (Skylar)
  • PW should be a group of friends who make theatre together (Skylar)
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