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Meeting Minutes, 13 October 2014

Long weekend. Long meeting. Long faces. Longing.

HERE: Paige, Marty, Celeste, Evan, Ben, Fletcher, Skylar, Liz, Simon [minutes-taker], Keston, Austin

THORNS: sickness; hit in the face with a wet towel & needs vs. wants; cheese and how it makes me feel; all day in the SunLab and not much to show for it; metabolism a-slowin'? & had a bad nightmare; unimportant shit to do & general malaise; weekend was a piece of shit; hard to be creative; haven't slept and sick; baseball season almost over :( :( :(; ate a fried Oreo; dick cops (possibly racial?!) and ebola nightmare

ROSES: David Fincher; lots of fun today and this weekend and someone told me my shoes were “fly”; the night sky, being alone in the woods, made really good pumpkin bread (extra cinnamon); we are happy; shot a film and made a noise with Jack; figured out first few moments of Heist Play and owe lemon squares; Pronk w/ Celeste and hung out at a Dunkin' Donuts in Cranston; performance theory performance; Song looks bomb; hanging out with grandma <3 <3 <3; ate a fried Oreo; great birthday weekend


  • would be nice to have more keys
  • was annoying to paint the floor black
    • Friday 8pm: Becca, Fletcher
    • Saturday 6pm: Keston, maybe Paige
    • Saturday 10pm: Simon, Liz
    • Sunday 8pm: Ben, Celeste
    • Monday 8pm: Marty
  • plats are Wednesday 11pm
  • talkin bout board support
    • we should help shows as much as we are able—difference between what we cannot do and what we don't want to do
    • butttt help shouldn't be expected. shows should be self-sufficient and any help we can provide is extra
    • what is a tactful way of saying “this is what we don't do”? don't want to be too negative
    • board helping shows used to be common. As we've expanded our goals outside of our seven downspace shows, we've reduced our ability to help (which has in turn affected the types of shows we pick, which has in turn affected the type of shows that get proposed)
    • !!!designer handbook [or succinct page] would be very helpful!!!
      • #TODO: Josh, are you still interested in working on this?
      • also designers included in show packet meeting?
      • talking to people and asking questions (“talk me through your plans for this”) is invaluable too
  • #TODO: Skylar, figure out whether or not we can legally prevent someone from attending a show


  • we have a new season!
    • Oct 28-30 (Noah Usher): Ben
    • Nov 11-15 (Jesse Weil): Marty


  • Ben is working on liquor license stuff
  • event is registered
  • email Skylar if you want specific jobs
  • party runs 11-2, bar closes at 1
  • Evan and Liz are running publicity


  • showtimes: Friday 6, Saturday 6/11, Sunday 8, Monday 8
  • we will set up lights for that at Song strike


  • Pei Ling wants one, she has been added to the list
  • #TODO: Marty, forward Skylar the Taiko contact info


  • nothing new
  • upspace shows will probably apply for them


  • nah bro


  • clean up your food
  • at next workday we should take spiderwebs out of lights?


  • proposers are mostly on track
  • how do we feel about non-written proposals?
    • if she wants to, why not


  • upspace archives exist, so upspace liaisons tell your folks to take photos and send to Keston


  • soccer is fun
    • it actually feels really good
  • we need to update calendar
  • people should come to meetings
  • Song wants the scaffolding down at plats
  • Paige is taking a leave
  • we will also take the chairs down at plats
  • we don't have to be STRESSED OUT all the time!!!
  • SOTG is paying for the duv


  • none
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