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Meeting Minutes, 5 October 2014

The tall European women are back. We all know it. We all feel it. We're all diggin it.

HERE: Dylan (visiting—Song), Fletcher, Celeste, Becca, Keston, Andrew, Marty, Ezra (visiting), Grant (visiting—MF), Evan, Emily (visiting), Jenn (visiting—Upspace), Skylar, Liz, Austin, Simon [minutes-taker]

THORNS: almost have a cast; crashed Phaedrus and fucked up leg a little bit; charlie horse and headache; miss high school friend; don't have wallet; hard choices; regular sheets don't fit our beds; no one is bringing donuts?!; none; fasting is still fasting; computer software I don't know how to use; 11am is early; rehearsal and soccer conflict; Justin left secretly; night ended with vomit that was not mine & roof squirrels (they are out of conTROL); eggs were not enough food

ROSES: almost have a cast; seeing Ursula; bacon; seeing Ursula; fun fun sleepover & Liz's impersonations; easy choices; projector for suite (last night watched “Can't Buy Me Love,” transported me to the most amazing world); woke up between sleep cycles and not tired; breakfast (abstract concept); fasting went okay; tall European girls; seeing Sweeney Todd today; fun night and seeing Sweeney; fun night with two really good visiting friends; hanging out with Andrew and Emma; made eggs


  • Nick paid for extra lumber, applied for CAC grant
    • apply to Science and Society dept, Dean's Discretionary Grant
    • Late Night Fund is over for this year?!
  • Trinity's prop shop was empty but useful materials found at RISD


  • Nudity happened, they will paint
  • Jenn is moving in, has signed her contract
  • show times:
    • Tuesday 4:15
    • Wednesday 5:00 (tentative, will know today)
    • Saturday 4:00 (Open Improv Jam)
    • Saturday 8:00


  • auditions yesterday and today
  • Fletcher is EPing with Marty
  • 3c2c is applying to New Works
    • will they get the money? WHO KNOWS LET'S CROSS OUR FINGERS
    • but wait! There's plenty of new work going on that will apply to the grant
      • 3c2c is family weekend and will thus likely make a fair amount of karma
      • maybe makes more sense to take 3c2c budget out of our own budget


  • schmoozing is performance
  • BMC requested two dates but they are no good
  • #TODO: Marty, cc Skylar into an email with Poler Bears
  • Gabe's show is happening


  • #TODO: Becca, get snacks
  • #TODO: Skylar, get two boxes of wine
  • we are performing being the board (I WAS RIGHT IN THE PREVIOUS SECTION!)
    • don't get drunk
    • they are more scared of you than you are of them
      • this is not true
  • if you can, arrive at 10pm for setup


  • Andrew will take Gabe; Skylar will retake him if Andrew decides to apply
  • #TODO: everyone, meet with your buddies and remind them about the schmooze


  • MF wants to feel more ownership of strike
  • perhaps assign MF board strike jobs in advance?
    • an MF rep or two will be at the PW meeting before strike for this purpose
  • perhaps MF board introduces themselves at strike too?
    • there is a precedent for this
    • we like this idea, we will do it


  • Liz updated description of Margaret's grant on the website
  • SAO doesn't do reimbursements for people who have graduated
    • people need to get dem receipts in PROMPTLY please n thank you
  • Fletcher got in touch with benefactor who sent him a check
  • no one has applied for Open Jar
  • if we want to keep things that are purchased with grant money, we get dibs


  • we're


  • Marty has a broken heart #donutless


  • we need a color poster for Almost, Maine
  • get a Bluestockings/Nudity zine


  • push dat schmooze
  • and 3c2c auditions
  • and Women in Comedy


  • Big Shoes for Big Souls (Soles?) Fund is happening
    • for shoes 2 sizes above the US average
      • so…13 or above for men, 11 or above for women
      • or, ask the following questions:
        • have people asked you what size feet you have?
        • when the costume designer found out your shoe size, was it bad news?
    • as the largest-footed members of the board, Austin and Simon will curate'
  • we are waiting to act on new ladders until Stephanie Santucci gets mad about it again
  • Austin will come with Andrew to the SAO to order new safety stuff ($5000)
  • we're still thinking about a new chair rack
    • will happen on workday
    • will not have wheels


    • it will happen, we are within our usual timeline
    • it will be Friday 10/31
  • soccer tonight at 7pm; be on time! have your ID!
  • #TODO: Fletcher, send a when2meet for next meeting
  • seems a little iffy to have people spend out of pocket
    • privileges people who can do that
    • but where would we draw the line?
  • there is a pw stencil in the box office
  • Andrew is taking a step back on board stuff while he is in Heist Play
    • will still do financial signatory duties
    • Skylar can pick up slack on rights
  • #TODO: Skylar, ask Joie for one or two T.F. Green swipe cards for RISD board members and designers
  • Joel will be working on the piano more in the future
  • Jon Key will be asked about the font
  • can we start assigning new mems buddies? sure why not pending availability
  • say you can't do stuff when you can't do stuff, don't feel guilty
    • also don't be afraid to say when you have been doing a lot and need help


  • when advertising 3c2c play submissions, let people know what we're looking for in plays (Marty)
  • how do people interact with money at PW? (Becca, Skylar)
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