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Meeting Minutes, 23 November 2014

New members no longer new. The magic is gone. But the magic of donuts is here in triplicate!

HERE: Becca, Devon, Celeste, Ada, Paige, Evan, Liz, Jenn, Marty, Emily (visiting), Ben Chesler, Ben Silver, Austin, Fletcher, Keston, Simon [minutes-taker], Jenny (back from the dead)

THORNS: throat hurts; 15 hours of peter pan this weekend; where is jenny; couldn't go to sacred harp because of frustrating drive; mom left at 6am and i got three hours of sleep (on the floor); vision (saw interestingly-shaped bird this morning, but couldn't see it); try hard and it never pays off; heat flashes in my face; the plenty that I have is not what I want and I don't think it ever will be; best friend (1) left (2) really early in the morning; washing car outside; changes in my life having unexpected effects, also kicked out of Eastside Marketplace; don't have a rose; having issues with manager at a steak and sushi restaurant; feel like I'm living a fantasyland lie; keep going to bed way too late; paranoia

ROSES: donuts; seeing book of mormon w/ mom; Jenny Gorelick; gonna join sacred harp; mom is here; climbed the Gano St. bridge and it was invigorating (and Fletcher's back!); lazy weekend; good news; have plenty—more than I could ever ask for; best friend visited; SotG doing Spring Awakening makes me feel better that we do musicals & hangin out with my house & went to an impressively well-balanced potluck; brought donuts; don't have a thorn; got to see everyone; saw Interstellar; learning step from roommate; stand up


  • it's b'zangin'!
  • some confusion about props but we're figuring it out
  • looking for ASM—names were given


  • they are casting tonight
  • she can apply for as many grants as she wants, for as much as she wants
    • the more specifically she can talk about why she wants the money, the more likely she is to get it
  • Evan Finkle is set designing, maybe?


  • they are auditioning after Twelfth Night
  • Ben and Paige are EPing


  • CJ was in here this week, it was cool and Ben was great
  • Pei Ling is in here for a Sunday show today (diff topic though)
  • Zach and Hamptonsex will be in here later today
  • Celeste will deal with key handoff
    • but also he is Ben's roommate so Ben can do it


  • Pei Ling is in here today
  • Ben will monitor the 4pm show
  • Marty will tell her to put a trigger warning on the door


  • Open Jar gave Deniz/Emma $100 for Blue Room
  • New Works gave $150 to Broken Zipper
  • Chest Day applied to Open Jar and Margaret's, will be discussed


  • we're gonna buy lots of new things!
    • lots of small things
    • also a washer/dryer!


  • door still broken
  • #visions: change name of December show to “Broken Door”? (Ben S.)


  • good meeting with Jake
  • meeting prior to Broken Zipper strike, we can talk about some changes


  • ok


  • Hamptonsex
  • start thinking of cool Facebook statuses for Broken Zipper
  • Upspace lottery coming up
  • we need to publicize to people other than our friends (so don't just promote events on Facebook)
    • #TODO: Evan, put TWITS in Morning Mail
  • remember to make PW events through the PW Facebook page



    • MF says 12/12 is marginally preferable
    • but maybe Monday 12/15 10am-5pm
    • why do we keep asking MF what works best for them and then just scheduling based on our convenience
    • #visions: worknight??
    • letter was delivered
    • we should try to reserve a private game
    • still Saturday the 13th, 9pm
    • 6pm Saturday 12/13
    • 12/10 evening


  • Jenn is coordinating TWITS buddies
  • plays due on the third
  • send Celeste names of videographers and photographers
  • are we going to start making wizards happen through productions?
  • Marty has no business (no one heard him)
  • get in touch with Emily to get involved with a new theatre festival!
    • Wednesday, December 3 at 5pm in the Underground


  • nothing real
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