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Meeting Minutes, 16 November 2014

Who are these strangers? Oh, right! They are our new members!

HERE: Becca, Liz, Celeste, Keston, Josh, Nick (visiting), Austin, Ben (!!!), Jenn (!!!), Devon (!!!), Deniz (visiting), Ada (!!!), Ben, Marty, Simon [minutes-taker], Sam K-M (visiting)

THORNS: side effects; feeling very in between-y; no sleep and sick and paper; concert music was less danceable than had hoped and no longer a new mem; two bottles of wine yesterday; sophomore slump; didn't do anything needed to do; chickened out of no-shave November; sinuses; keychain bullshit; none!; non-danceable concert; subconscious is scared; might be becoming a sociopath; music at that place; no progress; didn't feel included at inish

ROSES: slept two places last night and one was Jesse Weil's bed with a great mattress pad; sleeping arrangements; also fun sleeping arrangements; [forgot]; two bottles of wine yesterday (+ Wendy's); thanksgiving coming up; lots of sleep; Boston (went there); excited about stuff; call from a fav person; really great night and introduced to the song “Stacy's Mom”; everything else about yesterday; conscious is not scared; stopped acting age and it is great; going to paint this afternoon; went to the gym; made it out of the box office and to this meeting


  • Ben is the PM now
  • they are looking for some tech positions
  • auditions start today! Keston will send out a monitor thing


  • Sam wants auditions this semester
    • memorization will be easier
    • Audie is making masks of the cast's faces, needs time
    • need a firm plan w/ S&B (coordinating Twelfth Night auditions)
  • wants to start rehearsing second week we're back
    • Sunday longer workshops, less rehearsal during the week


  • Jesse left weights in the furniture room (whyyy)
    • they can be useful as sandbags—move to sound pile?
  • Monitors for CJ's show—remember to fill out form
    • Wednesday 8pm: Josh
    • Thursday 8pm: Becca
    • Friday 8pm: Keston
    • Saturday 8pm + strike: Celeste
  • Emma Davis got rights for Blue Room


  • there is Zumba today at 2pm; Marty will monitor
    • or Becca?!
    • they will text each other
  • next Sunday is Pei Ling
    • 4pm and 8pm
    • Marty will answer her questions


  • it's happenin
  • they need a couple positions filled
  • they want the show filmed
    • PW doesn't pay Brown students
    • email Celeste and Liz if you know people


  • New Works is meeting right after this
  • Chest Day applied to MWTA
  • Open Jar gave money to Blue Room


  • Andrew's email—we have $7800 that we need to spend before the end of the semester
    • $2400 of that is for Austin things that are pretty non-negotiable
    • $5400 we should talk about
      • chair rack materials
      • new speakers?
      • fix dimmers?
      • new tools for the shop?
      • #TODO: everyone look at Austin's Google Doc and goooo shoppinggggg
      • Austin/Becca/Ben/Marty will all talk this week


  • Joel took the thing out of the piano


  • we…are NOT?!
    • Andrew and Austin are filling out an accident report form
    • will meet with EHS and SAO, more to report after that happens
    • they thought he jumped off?!?!?!
  • we should:
    • have fewer people on the scaffolding
    • safety cable lights to the scaffolding
    • remember that strike is a dangerous game
      • remember that strike is not a game
    • announce to everyone that strike is dangerous
    • balance new people doing new things with experienced hands
  • Marty read an email from Jake about strike; we talked about it
    • people are perceiving strike as unsafe and are afraid to participate
    • Becca and Austin are going to meet with him
      • Grant would love to be in that convo as well
    • we don't want an atmosphere of “we get strike, you don't”
      • introductions at the last strike were bad, too inside-jokey
    • we used to have a more organized strike—strike leader would meet with TD and set designer
    • if you're overseeing a task, you are overseeing the team of people doing that task with you
    • we should have it be clear who the strike leader is and what board members are leading what
      • a map of pw with our locations and jobs?


  • exist


  • Wonderland auditions
  • Sunday Show at 2pm
  • CJ's show, Interface-to-Face


    • #TODO: Liz, ask MF about Friday 12/12 and Monday 12/15
    • we'll offer MF 15th through 17th
    • Saturday the 13th
    • schedule once we know other things
    • TENtatively the TENth


  • do we have a liaison for Hamptonsex?
    • we do now! it is Ada!
  • get your clothes and food stuff from the box office
  • #TODO: Becca, make a Visions Google Doc
  • #TODO: Austin, make a workday Google Doc
  • Keston will monitor Wonderland auditions 2-5


  • If we give grant money to an Upspace show, should we get to keep their karma? (Ben)
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