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Meeting Minutes, 9 November 2014

HERE: Liz, Grant (visiting—MF), Keston, Evan, Marty, Skylar, Celeste, Simon [minutes-taker]

THORNS: very tired; feeling floaty and drowny at the same time; mistaking aluminum for silver; going blind and it is stressful & last night sucked; motivation; have to cook dinner for thirty people; Evan doesn't have a rose; haunted by new mems meeting when I was trying to sleep; contempt for facilities runs deep

ROSES: pictures; will eat after this meeting; Frankie dancing with me; -; good night's sleep (rare!) and yesterday was fun; get to use fun notebook; new mems & had a crazy dream with an alternate dimension of time where you could go and people hadn't been born yet and the rules of science were really really different and it was awesome; shark socks; took Ben to the airport at 5 and have been doing things since then


  • Grant will serve as MF strike leader equivalent
  • Austin will run strike(?)
  • Grant and Austin should meet to plan a list of what needs to get done for strike
  • list of jobs will be emailed to both boards
  • Simon and/or Celeste will put the list on a big ol' white board
  • strike starts at 11pm
  • strike jobs: Celeste—props/dressing rooms/upspace; Marty—shop; Evan—chairs and plats; Keston—duv and in the space; Liz—box office and pizza and collect receipts; Simon—furniture room
  • remember that Jesse will need chairs in the upspace
  • MF will take care of instruments while PW does scaffolding
  • Liz (as box office person), deal with MF karma in the safe at the end of strike
  • Broken Zipper wants rehearsal lights


  • it will be 12/13 or 12/14


  • it is happening! no major complaints


  • auditions are the week of 11/17
  • worth mentioning to Rebecca that a lot of people will hold out for Cabaret
  • Keston will EP, and maybe Simon too


  • Jesse is in next week, he has signed contract, Celeste will give him key
  • CJ is in the next week, she will sign contract, looking into projector
  • #TODO: Marty, let Jesse know he can't be in the space Thursday night/Friday morning
  • we need a liaison for Hamptonsex (two days before Thanksgiving)
  • Simon is liaison for The Blue Room
    • let's deal with the rights thing stat


  • #TODO: Skylar, email Marty about Sunday shows BUT LIKE ACTUALLY DO THIS
  • Pei Ling Chia is 11/23
  • Gabe Lozada is 12/15
    • he needs rights, but it is all on him
  • Noah Fields wants one


  • this will no longer be on the weekly agenda
  • alumni wizards will happen next semester


  • Broken Zipper applied to New Works (as promised last week!)
    • committee will meet ASAP to decide
    • New Works recipients have been spending less than they've gotten so there is a fair amount
  • Emma will send in an Open Jar app soon


  • a person wants to give us money
  • Skylar, Austin, and Andrew are meeting to talk about what to buy with the UFB safety money
    • piano fixin'?
    • hard case for the light board?


  • someone put something in the piano
    • don't


  • yeah


  • #TODO: Marty, put poster up in the box office
  • committee is meeting soon


  • FB event for Jesse's upspace week


  • email Liz to get in touch with her phone is gone
  • visions will be between 12/8 and 12/11 probably
    • watch out for Twelfth Night auditions


  • nothing this week
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