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Meeting Minutes, 2 November 2014

All these new friends! All these new friends.

HERE: Becca, Celeste, Austin, Fletcher, Ada, Cameron (visiting—new mems), Evan, Emily (visiting—new mems), Ben (visiting—new mems), Anna (visiting—Broken Zipper), Marty, Sam (visiting—new director!), Liz, Simon [minutes-taker], Skylar, Dario (visiting—friend)

THORNS: don't feel like I got an extra hour; ineffective communication; everything is happening; literally(?) fucked with homework & kitchen is gross; planning my day around limiting outdoor exposure; being right; woke up to stinkbug in bed; too too much always and forever; weather is bad and may switch over to winter jacket (metallic zipper get real cold and touches my mouth when I walk); feel crazy because I took a lot of Adderall and did a lot of work; didn't make a dent in all the work I have to do; hard to pick a rose; forgot there was a PW meeting; burned tongue; never had more work than this weekend; friend's ex-boyfriend is being a dick

ROSES: party within a party is better than a play within a play; Nightmare Before Christmas; snowing; really fun party and Communists downstairs and everyone was nice; get to postpone work to plan fun thing that is going to happen; -; dream that I have a pet albino mouse; saw Birdman which was dope-money-fresh; Fletcher's outfit; Liz Oakley and Trader Joe's turkey corndogs, in that order; really productive yesterday and read 100 pages; amorphous blob of awesome things that happened this weekend; paid $100 to fuck with people I didn't know & saw Birdman and Patrick wiped my little tears & new Improvidence members; slept for 15 hours straight; Dario is here; came here for Halloween


  • we gave them the jackets! awwwww


  • callbacks are today
  • SD has been off the grid since being put on proposal
  • thinking about New Works gra[aaaaaaaaaaaa]nt
  • Nick Healy is now both SD and TD


  • Jesse W. is doing Chest Day week after Cabaret
    • Marty is his buddy
    • he wants to get shop trained, he will email Austin
    • they need to leave $25 in the budget for black paint
    • we should bring chairs up here at Cabaret strike
  • up next: Celeste is liaising CJ (week before Thanksgiving half-week)
  • Emma can't do anything during finals but she can have her $25 publicity budget to use elsewhere


  • #TODO: Skylar, email Marty about Sunday shows
  • new potential show: “Marty Writes Music For Fletcher To Dance To”


  • are you kidding


  • Broken Zipper will apply to New Works (as mentioned above!)
  • Jesse, CJ will probably apply to Open Jar
  • #TODO: Becca, check to see if Open Jar is only for things by lottery


  • we made a lot of money (~$800) from Monster Ball
  • we have some leftover liquor; Austin and Ben will buy it from PW


  • GMCS is happy with us (even though someone was……ARRESTED!?!)
  • if you leave a shift, you need to get someone to cover you or text a party monitor
  • everyone should pitch in to clean up!
  • we need to take the gaffe tape off of the grid
  • TIPS bartenders are a good thing
  • fundraiser…or FUNraiser?
  • costume contest next year? or costume documenting?
  • piano curtain can be rehung


  • Austin is doing a safety thing Tuesday 9am for Cabaret
    • don't come!
  • spectral cleanse
  • we should have a new rack, but no rack is better than old rack


  • we need Song and 3c2c pictures
  • #TODO: Marty, put poster up in the box office and give a program to Celeste & Liz


  • if MF wants to lead strike, they need to make more of an effort
  • Grant said they would show up to our meeting for strike jobs and they didn't
    • to be fair, it was a Saturday meeting—was there communication?
  • MF is a producing board, we are the group that actually runs the space
    • strike is the highest-risk thing we do; we are liable if something goes wrong
  • MF can introduce themselves, but we should probably lead the actual strike
  • #TODO: Skylar, email Grant to communicate this
  • MF board should still be informed about what is happening at strike
  • what about an MF shadow to PW strike leader?


  • Evan put Monster Ball in Morning Mail and it was very very good
    • #institutionalmemory let's use MM forever and always
  • publicize Blue Room auditions


  • #TODO: Becca, try to reserve chandelier room (JWW 501)


  • pw has a Vine (@brownpw)
  • someone will have to take over Marty's jobs (website, piano man) when he goes abroad
  • MF is doing plats on Tuesday and they have a schmooze in the Upspace on Wednesday
    • Celeste is the PW plats representative
    • Marty and Celeste are crashing schmooze and applying to MF
  • Becca will not be at Cabaret strike; she will show someone how to take the [ragtag] set apart


  • nothing this week
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