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ROSES: Decisions, ratty brunch, bridges, I slept like a child, Fletcher’s torso situation, Almost, Maine, feeling good about my speaking skills, improvidence shenanigans and fuddy meers, freshmen, when you put pictures into a pages document it like automatically formats the text around it, good week, I missed reunion, at four today I will sleep, it’s beautiful outside all the time.

THORNS: Meetings, feeling inadequate, the gap between the person I am and the person I would like to be, I have joint pain, being unable to articulate the things I need to say, I hate everything, guacamole for dinner, slept for 13 hours, I just need to turn down, broke my glasses this morning.

HERE: Paige, Liz, Thom, Celeste, Fletcher, Marty, Conor, Ursula, Josh, Jordana (visiting), Jenn (visiting), Marli (visiting), Evan, Emma, Simon, Alex, Jenny, Ben


  1. we picked a season
  2. Marli received her jacket!


  1. had a design run friday, went really well
  2. plats are good
  3. rehearsal lights happened


  1. the facebook page is live
  2. auditions are 3-6 tuesday, 3-6 wednesday, and 1.30-4.30 friday
  3. need help with audition monitors
  4. looking for dramaturg, asm and possibly LD
  5. what day can they actually be in the space?
    • monday the 25th
    • showdates: 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd


  1. we need to make sure we get people on lights as soon as possible
  2. there was a shortage of wrenches
    • we need to make sure to be putting things where they need to go, also when shows are building


  1. bagels was in here this week
  2. anna will be in here from 4pm today since there is no sunday show
  3. she might be painting, she knows she has to paint back herself and has to pay for it


  1. improv jam is in here this afternoon, 1pm and 3pm
    • make a status about this so people know about it

250th wizards

  1. seth bockley was here, his workshop was awesome!
  2. generally we need to push publicity more, maybe add posters etc.


  1. submissions were due today at 5pm but we will extend the deadline to midnight
  2. we only have a few submissions, mostly music
  3. it's very likely just going to be Wednesday


  1. jobs bobs will be 12-2pm Saturday may 10th
  2. who is buying food and drink?
  3. #TODO: Ben is on food, Conor on drink
  4. #TODO: everyone, take a look at the jobs list before the bbq


  1. Saturday may 24th at noon
  2. #TODO: skylar, marty - send invitation asap


  1. open jar
    • bagels got 130
    • there's 95 dollars left
  2. new works still has money
  3. solo applied as a whole for posters, and didn't get it
    • is there a precedent? is it different because it's related to the theatre department?
    • it'll be possible for the solo performers to apply as individuals


  1. we will buy the rights for the two fall shows this semester in order to make sure there won't be a problem
  2. #TODO: conor, buy rights and update spreadsheet


  1. josh accidentally broke the light in the shop but it got fixed


  1. is it too long?
    • should we trim it down to make it less of a thing in and of itself?
    • we value the other theatre going on on campus, and should possibly just make it tighter
    • this is the first introduction to board members for a lot of audience members
    • maybe it's as simple as reiterating the intention behind the speeches once in a while
    • it's important that it's about the show, not about the HMs
    • we are trying to welcome people to the space, supporting other theatre on campus, and then introduce the show that is about to happen


  1. 'bagels' left doors open a number of times, both propped upspace and electrics
    • maybe we include in the contract that the person signing is responsible for anything that happens while the space is theirs
    • also we could forward/send to the people involved
    • this will be further established by the upspace EPs
  2. Lots of things to push on facebook this week - everybody make statuses!
  3. if anyone ever wants to do tech stuff, paige will always be around
  4. #TODO: Evan, make the season announcement poster
  5. Celeste still wants movie nights with twitter proposals
  6. #TODO: Celeste and Fletcher amend the contract to include the thing about a breach and being banned from lottery
  7. #TODO: Paige, please upload the
  8. we should call music directors about decision, as well and make sure they get to know about decision officially from the board and not through someone else
  9. Marty is interested in creating a PW app
  10. #TODO: Conor, please send out an email about the princess of TF green position
  11. Emma and Marty are doing theatrebridge this summer
  12. swag pickup times: tomorrow, 12-2 on wriston evan will be there and you have to pickup because the boxes are heavy


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