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ROSES: thesis, florida and solo show, ready for the last/next to months, relaxing vacation, ran six miles and did a lot of stuff, spending time and cooking for mom, first official meeting and housing group has incredible number, great break, sleep no more and good break, fun adventure in Mississippi, great break and someone nice bought me my pho, three reasonably okay meals at the ratty today and eight hours of choreo yesterday, I’m really good at senior spring, broad city, new mems are here and buying a playboy for bobrauschenberg, carried something v heavy v far, being back at brown, bobrauschenbergamerica, walking walking walking walking, bobrasuchenberg.

THORNS: thesis, burglary and lost photographs, anxious about things that don’t even exist, drunken barber shave, not enough time to do all the things that need doing, funeral, it’s like Monday, not enough time, don’t know what’s important any more, two unfinished paper, spoilers, all of the things and no time and failing, dropping out, so much is going on that sometimes I feel like I’m watching my life go by rather than living it, realizing how silly I look when I sit funny, was expecting to go home and be with the people who love me but they went to Europe, headaches, this is really happening, thesis due in two days.

HERE: Paige, Keston, Andrew, Austin, Evan, Conor, Emma, Ursula, Josh, Ben, Liz, Jenny, Skylar, Celeste, Jordana (visiting), Alex, Marty, Kate (visiting)


  1. HMs
    • F8: Liz, Andrew
    • S6: Ben, Paige
    • S10: Marty, Evan
    • Su8: Conor, Jenny
    • M8: Simon, Fletcher
  2. safety inspection is tomorrow at 9.30
  3. Kate needs a PO for publicity tomorrow
  4. we have all of the duv back
    • #TODO: Skylar, please talk to Dylan about duv
    • Austin will get a quote for the duv
  5. place ticket reserves by 8pm on Wednesday
  6. we will have to paint the floor at next strike
  7. facebook event will be up soon


  1. ursula will be the liaison for Violet


  1. auditions are coming up
  2. first production meeting this weekend at Saturday at 11am
  3. Keston will be the second EP
  4. mention the auditions in bobrausch HM speech


  1. bobrauschenbergamerica is in here now
  2. Becca wolinsky and Patrick Madden in here next week
  3. #TODO: Celeste, please get in touch w Isabel and tell her about the reading period restrictions
  4. thom will meet with becca and patrick


  1. Lady Comedy is happening
  2. Poler Bears will most likely happen too
    • #TODO: Conor, be in touch with Marty


  1. all is on track
  2. some of the money will go to renish as well


  1. approximately 3 hours
  2. #TODO: Ben, send out When2Meet to find a date for boards wizards


  1. Friday April 18th
    • new mems have to get party trained
  2. April 2nd form 1-2pm
  3. April 4th 1-2pm
  4. April 10th from 12-1pm
  5. superlative committee: emma, conor, marty
    • #TODO: superlative committee, meet before
  6. #TODO: Everyone, wear awk school shirts and such
  7. send preferences about the jobs list to skylar by Tuesday at noon


  1. tanks will be ordered tonight
  2. we should extend the sweatshirts deadline
  3. order will be sent tomorrow


  1. #TODO: liz, skylar, austin, celeste – meet and discuss


  1. eff w the audience had an application
    • committee will meet


  1. jenny sent emails to people
    • (also phone call and flirt)


  1. the leak has been fixed it seems


  1. #TODO: Ben, look at the MF contract
  2. #TODO: let’s get L Butterfield a pw sweatshirt
  3. painting the floor back
    • we will amend the show packet so that it says the space should be painted by the end of strike
    • we will pizza before paint
    • departing show will have a number of people, we will match with board members
  4. #TODO: Liz, check up on rollers
  5. #TODO: conor, send email about summer program
  6. we should confirm the renish schedule time
  7. #TODO: Evan, please send Ursula the exact text and info about sweatshirts for email
  8. workday
    • most likely Thursday, liz will get in touch w
  9. #TODO: Alex, please update website
  10. marty and andrew are making a calendar
  11. downspace door
  12. new mems got keys!!


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