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ROSES: good mood, spring break, sleep, lentil soup, Thursday night will be nice, won award, slept a lot, she enjoyed the joke, best snack I’ve ever had – dark chocolate and orange juice, this room looks like a little magical room, lovely rehearsal times two, people saying yes to my ideas.

THORNS: rough long meeting and concentration requirements, instagram, didn’t get to wear green, didn’t apply for jobs, 13 pages until break, still sick, broke the rules and feel dumb, I don’t get sick but am sick now and hate it, lack of self confidence, late and have to leave early, way more work than there are hours in the day, slipping into old habits.

HERE: Kate (visiting), Liz, Emma, Ursula, Jenny, Conor, Simon, Marty, Alex, Ben, Celeste, Andrew, Evan, Skylar, Fletcher, Thom


  1. plats is tomorrow, Tuesday march 18th at 11pm
    • sam will most likely be there, Kate will be in touch with him
  2. design run will be Thursday starting at 7pm
  3. clothes have to be flamexed latest by Monday before the show
  4. #TODO: Conor, please send Kate the information for rights (for program, poster)


  1. Writers’ Week HMs will have to be there at 7.30pm
    • Tuesday 8pm: Ben
    • Wednesday 8pm: Marty/Liz
    • Thursday 8pm: Ben


  1. sam kusnetz was here, it was a great workshop and super helpful
    • really great start to pwizards 250
  2. seth bockley may 2nd-4th, a workshop most likely on the 3rd of May
  3. we should definitely keep a list of people who attend the workshops so we can contact them about the next ones


  1. May 4th: Lady Comedy
  2. May 11th: most likely Poler Bears
  3. Clown workshop happened, was great


  1. #TODO: Skylar, send out jobs list when you get the chance and have the info
  2. DJ: miles wants to come back and will do it for free
    • splitting it between miles and Jeffrey?
  3. #TODO: jenny, email Jeffrey
  4. #TODO: alex, go with form to get licquor license


  1. tanks for spring weekend
    • pwasted, pw is drunk something
  2. apparel group will send out options for tanks
  3. envelopes w cash in the box office, ragtag style
  4. #TODO: Jenny please make the list of people who worked at pw for the last few years


  1. we submitted budget and are hearing about it tomorrow
    • hopefully we got the money we asked for, jenny will keep us posted


  1. we can’t use outside contractors
  2. fletcher has created a calendar on which a month has four weeks with 6 days each


  1. yellow scaffolding needs foxong


  1. needs an LD, have mentors who will be available


  1. we’re going to start collecting donations at the end of shows and will deposit to the SAO
  2. we are allowed to start doing donations in order to get your name on back of chairs
    • how much? 97 dollars? we’ll figure it out
  3. pwaq soon!
    • liz and celeste will write, evan will format
    • include chairs and apparel
  4. re: new performance arts space downtown
    • may be a longer discussion but there is a meeting tomorrow
    • first meeting is tomorrow at 5pm, conor and skylar are going
    • before tomorrow we should compile a list of things to bring in
    • marty is making a google doc for this
  5. refreshing keys policy: each show gets 3 keys, they can distribute as they want
  6. we should start putting outerspace on the agenda so we can publicize probably
  7. skylar, talk to bunny bunny prod team because there's a performance on the renish date

Minutes: Ursula

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