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Roses: medea, nothing makes me happier than it being light at 6.30, medea, all the sushi and great night, beautiful outside, going out with grandparents to dinner times two, brian’s brother and fun, saw frozen, at party barely saw Andrew but then he gave me the most important hug, drove a car, medea has been fun, singing pretty songs, advice from thom, it’s my birthday, nice lunch with father, medea gets better everytime i see it, sing a better bass, great time in boston.

Thorns: promises unkept, can’t go outside although it’s nice there, called people for bagel gourm so I could eat, all congested, general anxiety, forgot birthday, slowly filling in every chunk of free time with things, might not be able to see les miz, car didn’t have brakes, whatever I tripped on, v busy, won’t be sleeping, my throat hurts, hungover and daylight savings, late, crab rangoon problems, need to sing tenor range by thursday, late.

Here: Alex, Sam K-M (visiting), Thom, Jenny, Fletcher, Evan, Ursula, Simon, Emily (visiting), Kate (visiting), Celeste, Andrew, Devon (visiting), Liz, Ben (visiting), Austin, Ben, Emma, Jenn (visiting), Marty, Dylan (visiting), Conor, Skylar.


  1. wants rehearsal lights to stay up


  1. one person has signed contract
  2. super secret's in here this week, try not to enter the space in the meantime
    • performances are saturday, on the hour
  3. #TODO: Liz, send an email about monitors for super secret
  4. next in the space is writing is undead


  1. strike starts at 10.10pm
    • there is a lot of sand, and we need to plan it out
    • we have to take the wheelbarrow around - there is a ramp by the dumpster
    • buckets of sand is another option
    • austin will spearhead the sand operation
    • we can send people to the upspace in the meantime
    • we need to clean also but only have one mop, #TODO: Liz and evan, find a mop if you can
  2. conor will be second hm for preshow stuff for tonight's show


  1. there needs to be a sharper deadline for accepting sunday show
  2. clown show will get the last sunday show
    • clown would need to do their own advertising because we have a wizards the day before
  3. conversation about sunday show/upspace: possibly an application for sunday shows
    • can we utilize the step of the upspace process before lottery better?
    • also, maybe let's add something to the app about how to use the week
  4. #TODO: upspace and sunday show people - meet and develop the changes, upload to website
  5. maybe we need a calendar in the lobby for upspace?
    • a white board calendar?


  1. all on track
  2. meeting will be on sunday march 16th starting at 9am
  3. apps are due 5pm on wednesday
  4. concise and clear is a priority - remind your buddies and explain to them why this is actually helpful for them, so that we can give the attention to each app
  5. new mems people will send out a breakdown of the day


  1. writers' week people will meet to schedule soon
  2. open readings might be added to the schedule
  3. we have submissions and proposals


  1. sam is coming this saturday for first 250th wizards
    • get excited and spread the word
    • skylar will send email with info to send/publicize
    • workshop will be at 1pm
  2. #TODO: Jenny and Marty, talk to bobrausch about the event


  1. submitted budget


  1. sound during medea: sounded like a body crawling through the vents, trying to break into the space
  2. facilities said they have fixed the leak


  1. committees will meet and decide about two new applications
  2. open jar is still halfway spent


  1. next meeting will most likely be saturday at 11am
  2. #TODO: Marty, send out email about next week's meeting time - when2meet
  3. bdh stuff: they are trying not to have overlapping content between the blog and the daily herald
  4. #TODO: Jenny, update show packet with a note about that. Also, please put a note about how there is only one outlet available.
  5. Sound board isn't working as it should. When you move the master it crackles
  6. Maybe we need to take better care of the light/sound board, set up the boards for the shows in order to avoid things from breaking
    • board training?
    • locking up the boards? rolling tables? case?
    • maybe not necessary to move it, instead locking it up in a hardcase?
  7. we'll do an 'update the website' workshop sometime after new members
  8. andrew will make the calendar, marty will look over it
  9. the boards wizards google doc is up
    • #TODO: everyone, fill it out so we can figure out what we need to learn and when
  10. we need to start using the cloud and stop using dropbox
  11. #TODO: andrew, jenny - put budget into owncloud
  12. #TODO: Ben, arrange a when2meet for board wizards for after new mems
  13. we have a dumpster, throw out stuff from your rooms


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