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ROSES: old friends, donuts, my neighbor makes me stop playing piano but I annoyed her back, energizing couple of days, first pw meeting, visited my dad and great day, video game, seeing brothers’ play, good night last night, in a play again, peter and the starcatcher, donuts, good friends and kind strangers, crazy downtown event, often lonely in the ratty but saw lots of friends, with liz, fig bar, I feel really great.

THORNS: things aren’t always what they seem, no donut, won upspace lottery but had nothing to do, disturbing tweets and hot pockets, exhausting month, not much sleep, still drunk and black on black pants, have to be off book, challenging week of conversation, stuck in a computer, only one of these statements is a lie.

HERE: Ian (visiting), Spencer (visiting), Shannon (visiting), Emily (visiting), Ben (visiting), Kate (visiting), Keston (visiting), Jenn (visiting), Alex, Austin, Thom, Marty, Ben, Ursula, Skylar, Evan.


  1. we will move a lot of sand into the downspace
  2. HMs
  3. F8: Marty (?)
  4. Sa6: Evan, Thom
  5. Sa10: Ben
  6. Su8: Alex
  7. Mo8: Austin
  8. if you want reserves email marty to get them
  9. someone needs to help austin spider the plats, won’t take long
    • maybe during the schmooze


  1. show is cast and funded
  2. first production meeting is at 3pm today
  3. still trying to figure out TD
  4. still looking for an ASM and for people to build


  1. pause happened
  2. #TODO: Evan, check up on dressing room, if messy ask them to clean up
  3. lottery will be pulled tonight


  1. figuring out march 16th
  2. lady comedy is may 4th


  1. #TODO: get in touch
  2. schmooze is happening this Wednesday at 11pm

250th wizards

  1. march 14th-16th sam kusnetz
  2. may 2nd-4th seth bockley
  3. april 26th potentially sarah ruhl
  4. we have to do ticketing for some of these


  1. skylar and jenny met
  2. things are on track, forms have been submitted
  3. remember that we are trying to bring new people into the space
    • can we put up show posters or photos
  4. we won’t pay the dj, we most likely have someone who will do it for free


  1. some sort of sweatshirt
    • we should make each order available to anybody
  2. spring weekend tanks


  1. liz is putting up eff with the audience grant
  2. no new new works apps
  3. open jar is half full half empty


  1. andrew and jenny are meeting on Monday to make a budget
    • we’re applying for supplemental funding


  1. leak is on the radar
  2. there are still things in the upspace that should have been taken down
  3. we have to be clear about upspace weeks leaving the space as they got it
  4. the noise in the upspace, can we do something about it?


  1. we should maybe reconsider if established groups with budgets, etc. should be able to apply for upspace weeks especially since they are able to apply for Sunday shows
  2. should there be an enforcing mechanism for strike in the upspace?
    • strike monitor
    • having someone there who knows what needs to happen
  3. we might have to move the website
  4. writers’ week
    • push for submissions but also make sure people follow through

Minutes: Ursula

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