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THORNS: woke up a bit later than I would have liked to and my butt hurts from choreography class, boy, guilt about light course load, insane nosebleed, decisions are hard, late night, boys, I cry when it is cold, the hard things are hard, stressed about class decisions, tired, what are the right mistakes?, was mean about jacket losing.

ROSES: things are good and I am enjoying life, boy, I feel good, close to fulfilling requirements, everything is working out 110 percent better than I could have hoped, same clothes yay good night, callback list, feeling pretty good friends are great, penny richer, the good things are really good, mom called and also I am bringing devil dogs, brickway breakfast, happy to be back, good production meeting also party at 248 tonight.

HERE: Andrew, Thom, Ben, Emma, Celeste, Alex, Jenny, Conor, Skylar, Ursula, Fletcher, Liz, Simon, Evan, Cheno (visiting).


  1. process on track
  2. hands for lights will be helpful


  1. good turnout for auditions
  2. will be cast by tomorrow
  3. we should keep asking for banner IDs on audition forms


  1. auditions are this week
  2. they don’t have ASMs yet but are looking
  3. we need a second EP


  1. monitors:
    • Tue9: celeste
    • Thu9: conor
    • Sa8: skylar, andrew
    • Sa11: liz
  2. we can use


  1. meeting to set it soon, email with


  1. #TODO: buddies be in touch with your buddies letting them know that you are their buddies
  2. jenny is buddying
  3. Schmooze will be January 29th
    • alex will get fingerfood, conor rosé
  4. decision meeting still not set but looking like it will be on the 23rd


  1. visions will be tomorrow at 248 on the floor that survives the party better
  2. very crucial to be able to start at 10am, get there so we can begin at 10, phone chain
  3. 2pm will be a hard stop

250th Wizard

  1. Seth Bockely is affirmed to be here May 2nd-4th
  2. we should definitely push these events, possibly personal contacts so people know about it and show up
  3. maybe a separate facebook page from which we can update?
  4. should we try to get an email list together for people who work on shows?
  5. #TODO: Andrew, accumulate emails from past shows


  1. grants are good
  2. alex and thom are joining new works committee


  1. finance update meeting will be next week because rehearsal was moved


  1. there is a bulb out in the DS
  2. #TODO: Andrew, fill out a facilities request for the bulb


  1. we are safe


  1. there is still a carpet from hair, emily kassie's, needs to be picked up
  2. got a call from barbizon, unclear when it can get here
    • if it can't get here in time for Godot, Andrew get in touch w ben
  3. we should use Eventbrite for Godot tickets because Blueroom is down
  4. upspace sound and light boards both work
  5. we need to be better at light board etiquette - no food and drink on the tech table, cable always taped down


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