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ROSES: parents are coming to lunch, brother’s here, unexpectedly won a cappella competition a la pitch perfect, yesterday, show’s going well, yesterday, I am the captain of my fate I am the master of my soul, grad school good news, show weekend, stewart and alex’s parents, a million see you soons, my mom is coming to visit me and I’m excited about theatre, liked pillowman and like theatre, it’s a beautiful day, alex in pillowman, super fun to film things, it’s beautiful outside, pillowman and violet, pant.

THORNS: the weekend before show and very busy, I am the captain of my fate I am the master of my soul, this is one of those days where you have to do all the things (x2), sad people, one goodbye, laundry, too much work, this world is chaos, jealousy, I spend all my time inside, stress and dealing with it, so much to do today.

HERE: Simon, Skylar, Kate (visiting), Andrew, Marty, Jenn (visiting), Kutay (visiting), Thom, Emma, Ursula, Alex, Ben, Margaret (visiting), Evan, Celeste, Austin, Fletcher, Jenny, Liz.


  1. everything is going according to plan
  2. show up for strike is 10.45 Monday
    • we are also doing plats for medea
  3. skylar will run pillowman strike
  4. #TODO: Jenny, please ask Cheno for eventrbrite reserves for the pillowman


  1. they are having a design run on Tuesday at 9pm
  2. they started hanging, building, etc.
  3. tech this weekend


  1. they need an ASM and a TD
  2. the SM is going to miss next week
  3. board monitors would be helpful
  4. #TODO: Jenny, please email the board with audition monitor times


  1. kutay’s here next week
  2. th8: skylar
  3. f8: andrew
  4. sa8: evan
    • evan will get key back to give to kutay
  5. super secret is happening mid March
  6. next upspace lottery is march 2nd


  1. we should assign lady comedy a date, send another email and then move down waitlist


  1. the schmooze is Wednesday the 5th
  2. #TODO: Emma, make facebook event live and please reserve a room for the meeting
  3. Wednesday the 12th at 5pm


  1. skylar will send out a final list of dates
  2. with every wizard we are trying to do a smaller workshop type thing and then a large open talk


  1. open jar gave away 150$ to pay for rights for pause
  2. 250$ left in the jar
  3. new works nothing has changed
  4. margaret’s f with the audience officially exists now
  5. we should announce grants at the schmooze


  1. andrew and jenny need to meet about budget


  1. lights are fixed
  2. there are holes in the roof


  1. hanging rehearsal lights can be a learning opportunity for ALDs
    • it can be at the discretion of the show but it does need to get done
    • #TODO: Jenny, put that in the show packet
  2. violet had an info session and it was helpful
  3. we need to paint the floor for medea
    • #TODO: conor, email sam about the sand that is painted onto the floor
  4. strike: set designer and whoever is running strike should meet and make a step by step plan
  5. apparel committee will meet soon
  6. #TODO: upspace/april slot meet about clown workshop
  7. we need to strike the space completely
  8. andrew will make spreadsheets
  9. #TODO: Skylar, send out email for writers’ week people to meet up


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