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ROSES: pillowman & space team & the triwizard tournament, shaved, quizup & space team, pillowman & sleep last night & got contact back in & date with cute boy, putting things together, fun at medea, lots o sleep, great houseguest, recovered, loooove the risd film, love pillowman, nyc internship confirmed!

THORNS: i am not human anymore, summer plans (or lack thereof), lots to do, no work done & fell asleep & contact fell out & cute boy is probs straight, i am falling apart, laundry day, shouldn’t be sleeping so much, lots of work, was sick, miss a boy & job weirdness, pillowman is trying to kill me, hour and a half long safety training

HERE: jenny, andrew, alex, marty, celeste, evan, simon, emma, thom, conor, fletcher, liz


  1. budget is a ok
  2. plats Wednesday at 11, ben and andrew will tape out where they should go
  3. Conor will set up an eventbrite, 60 seats
  4. HMs — be there an hour and a half before!
    • fri 8: conor,
    • sat 6: celeste
    • sat 10: fletcher, emma
    • sun 8: jenny, thom
    • mon 8: marty


  1. got $250 from classics, not applying for any more money
  2. austin has ordered wood
  3. sand concerns! too much sand?
  4. design run tonight at 8 (come if you want!), prod meeting afterwards
  5. skylar or ben, put up some general washes for more pleasantly-lit rehearsals please?


  1. evan is meeting with kutay soon but things are under control
  2. next lottery:
    • #TODO: upspace kiddos, tell us when the weeks are and make a fb event
  3. kali quinn teaching a clown class—week before spring weekend?
    • #TODO: celeste, get in touch with jenn about this
  4. we have a key!


  1. lady comedy is down! need a date (classic ladies, always needin a date)
  2. poler bears and tpoc we still need to hear from
  3. taiko should have one next semester, for sure


  1. meeting is saturday at 9 in jww chandelier room (501)
  2. #TODO: buddies, make sure your buddies know they will have an interview!
  3. buddy check-ins:
    • alex/gabe: working on a draft
    • conor/jenn: doing good work, no issues
    • jenny/thom: lunch dating between medea rehearsals, done with a draft, on track
    • evan/kat: powerpoint draft submitted, evan and celeste gave notes
    • marty/nick: doing great, he has an extension until thursday midnight


  1. skylar, any updates? look at the email from jessie
  2. we have the booking agents for laura linney and john krasinski


  1. open jar gave $75 to super secret
    • #TODO: thom, tell jenny about this, jesus
  2. new works gave money to super secret, late as fuck, days between
  3. #TODO: liz, make an app for the margaret fucks with the audience grant


  1. finance tutorial was fun if ineffective (thom), there will be another one
  2. #TODO: jenny, look into receptionist maybe being over budget
  3. #TODO: jenny, look into kate telma’s reimbursements
  4. jenny and andrew will deal with spring budgeting


  1. upspace is leaky
    • #TODO: conor, send in facilities request, or better yet call them!
  2. we should do something nice for maria
    • #TODO: emma, figure out something nice


  1. austin?


  1. [intimate] apparel team will meet
  2. pwom will be registered and will happen
    • conor will apply for liquor license
  3. jenny and conor will meet and do twits show packet
  4. sotg wants to borrow furniture and duv(?)
    • this is ok, but days between has some, and medea has first dibs
  5. we need to be sure that we comply with all safety regulations. seriously
  6. #TODO: conor, look into borrowing a car to pick up our keyboard
  7. board wizards would be sick yall
    • #TODO: andrew, make a board wizards spreadsheet
    • #TODO: evan, make a when2meet IF YOU DARE
    • #TODO: everyone, fill out the when2meet
  8. #TODO: emma, make a schmooze and new mems facebook event
    • wednesday before medea is schmooze
  9. days between borrowed douve(??) and will get it back to us
  10. days between built 3×8 plats and will give them to us
  11. #TODO: marty, ask austin if the captain’s ladder is in the medea set


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