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MEETING MINUTES Sunday, February 9 @ 11am

Here Marty, Liz, Skylar, Simon, Andrew, Celeste, Cheno (visiting), Perri (visiting), Jenny, Ursula, Evan, Alex, Emma, Fletcher Roses: godot, wearing no shirt makes me feel like a bra-less girl, I woke up this morning to the most beautiful painting, many a donut, ladies, excitement, this ratty breakfast, great week and birthday and went to new york with a cappella, being a part of godot, acoustic jazz and bossa nova, fun night, pillowman set and talking to marty, made a painting from something I found in the basement, delighting in a lot of things. Thorns: things I have to write and things I want to write aren’t the same, getting sick, crying drunk people, boys, ennui, execution or lack thereof, just not really feeling it today not enough hours, not really a student anymore, the amount of bread treats I can’t eat, technology, a lot of friends are 21 and I am not, there’s too much todot, woke up at 8 and was writing but then fell back asleep, I am late.


  1. strike is at 10.45 on Monday the 10ths
    • skylar will lead strike
  2. side note about programs to tell future PMs:
    • we should be better at getting programs printed earlier and not right before
    • we can also get them folded there
  3. sand:
    • #TODO: alex figure out the deal with container for sand


  1. they need a key
  2. #TODO: conor, please send cheno the updated show packet


  1. had problems with approval of set and changed to different design
  2. would like to get on the 250th calendar
  3. #TODO: Conor, get in touch with marty about that calendar


  1. we’re gonna have a new lottery before spring break
  2. #TODO: upspace people, figure out the dates


  1. we only have three Sunday shows this year because we don’t want to have one on spring weekend


  1. buddies: on track
  2. rights things still need to get cleared
  3. meeting is the 22nd
  4. #TODO: Emma check up on SOTG room clash


  1. we are doing well
    • funding is moving forward


  1. Prom will be Friday, April 18th
  2. if you are not party trained, you should


  1. open jar has a full 450 but there is an application
  2. new works gave out money to three different projects


  1. the finances tutorial meeting will happen today at 2pm in Meeting Street Café
  2. the board will be approximately 500$
  3. #TODO: Andrew and Jenny, write a supplemental funding request


  1. light fixed downstairs
  2. the front door
  3. #TODO: Conor, submit a work order for the door
  4. Ben, did you submit work order for the lights in the upspace?


  1. we should change rehearsal lights, can happen during strike?
  2. new mems meeting will be on Sunday, March 16th
  3. we can’t upload photos right now to website
  4. #TODO: alex get in touch with Isaac about a fix
  5. we should use ventfull, maybe make it a job?
  6. HMs for godot announce auditions for el grito del bronx
  7. writers’ week is the week before spring break and we should meet about it
    • #TODO, skylar send out a when2meet for it
  8. we should definitely do at least a mini board wizard
    • #TODO: Andrew, make a google doc for ‘skills to learn and teach’
    • maybe adding a tail at the end of the meeting as mini board wizards
  9. pw swag meeting will happen and we should definitely get pw swag for spring weekend

Minutes: Ursula

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