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Meeting Minutes, 13 December 2014

“How will this meeting fill the downspace?”

HERE: Ben C., Margaret (back from the dead), Becca, Liz, Devon, Ben S., Celeste, Simon [minutes-taker], Marty, Evan, Fletcher, Jenn, Skylar, Keston, Ada

THORNS: 20 pages to write by tomorrow night; Excel spreadsheet and wrong baked good; wanted Olga's but it closes at 2; you can't make people do the right thing; dreams need to shut the fuck up; Pac-Man; not called back for Twelfth Night; little sleep; not looking forward to going home; really out of shape and no work done; lots of Secret Santa-ing and haven't been to class in a month and people I care about are in distress; need to go back to “Oh Celeste you have an exam” and washed hands with mayonnaise; sleep schedule is weird; unbullshittable paper; did not fulfill schedule; housing for next year/semester falling apart

ROSES: goofy present for Spencer; Campfire Requiem—fun! beautiful!; show opens and is happy for design; but you can love them anyway; dreams (things are good in them); good adventure and very grateful; good lesson in humility and also going to dance with the woods with Michelle B-C; tired for awesome reasons and thrilled w/ casting; pretty on top of shit academically; good news for people I like; lots of holiday parties; IDGAF CUZ I'M OLIVIA BITCHEZZZ I GET TO FUCK BEN SILVER IT IS THE BEST ROLE IN THE WORLD; fun people and sleepin over; holiday fun; get to be in a play with SOME of the people I love; one of those situations has been resolved and done with econ


  • #TODO: Celeste, send Skylar official dates for Writers' Week(s)
    • we are also going to have a short play marathon which we will need many hands on deck for
    • #TODONE: March 9-21
  • actionable things from visions:
    • Writers' Week(s)
    • New proposal questions
    • Upspace committee
  • #TODO: Devon and Simon will deal with semester wrap-up email
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