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Meeting Minutes, 7 December 2014

Big show weekend! Things are happening.

HERE: Jenn, Marty, Marty, Anna (visiting—Broken Zipper), Fletcher, Ben C., Austin, Ada, Ben S., Devon, Evan, Celeste, Conor (back from the dead), Liz, Josh, Simon [minutes-taker]

THORNS: whenever it's raining I want to die; no pants; working nonstop; heightened level of anxiousness in heart and what if I can't be vulnerable; accidentally went to Sakura instead of Sawaddee; worried that I fucked up something important but don't know what I would have done differently; what do I do now?!?!?! oh yeah those finals; cut thumb while opening Kabob & Curry; general stress; Paige refuses to acknowledge that I am the first avatar(?); no idea what time or day it is; awareness of emotions exceeds emotion; putting off finals longer than I should be; -; presentation due tomorrow

ROSES: saw Broken Zipper and Heist Play and both were awesome; million and one things off my chest yesterday; moon ritual; really enjoyed Heist Play; being back; walking by the Mini-Mart and seeing Conor at 2am and Heist Play; Heist Play is going better than I could have dreamed; three more days; unexpected workout; cool host family with Frozen-passionate six-year-old; Broken Zipper is happening; get nice emails from Becca and got a facial hair compliment; made gingerbread houses; in a wonderful mood despite little sleep; TWITS show got passed


  • good houses, getting karma and charity
  • Austin will lead strike
    • we will show up at 9:30
    • people will erect scaffolding in the middle
    • introductions
    • peel apart plats sideways
    • have everyone we can on scaffolding/ladder
    • as soon as scaffolding is off of the center, we'll take up the floor
  • don't be cracking jokes at the beginning of strike
  • JOBS:
    • Austin - leading/set
    • Celeste - plats/upstairs stuff
    • Evan - upstairs stuff
    • Jenn - plats
    • Ben S. and Ada (and Andrew?) - lights
    • Liz - box office
    • Marty - shop
    • Simon - furniture


  • there is a cast
  • three set designers?!
  • one prod meeting has been had; another will be held Tuesday 7pm
  • they know to go to strike
  • Becca and Paige are co-TDing
  • waiting to hear about grants


  • sent DPS another email about gender-blindness; they haven't gotten back
  • auditions are happening


  • Broken Zipper has it this week
  • Blue Room has it next week—signing contract w/ Simon at strike
  • lottery next Sunday
  • Blue Room wants to check phones
    • FB event should be updated to tell people not to bring them
    • based on Nudity precedent: we can't take responsibility for phones
      • if people show up early, they can be sent away (and come back)
      • if there's not much time, we can put their phones somewhere but no promises
  • PW paid for rights for Blue Room
    • German Studies will reimburse us $200


  • Gabe is performing next Sunday at 2pm and 8pm


  • Open Jar actually has a bunch o' cash! cool!
  • New Works does too


  • we picked a show
  • no PM yet
  • having auditions after break
  • we should have an EP before break


  • they're all on leave
  • we are going to have a washer/dryer, sewing machine, sound system, other fun toys
    • Austin wants to spend $500 of raised funds for sound system purchases
    • we should make sure people use the sound system correctly so it doesn't get hurt


  • Marty has dropped the ball on the piano thing
    • new piano man to be anointed at jobs meeting




  • BZ photos will happen
  • #TODO: Marty, 3c2c pics
  • The Other Side Of The Closet (410[GONE]) has a crazy cool proposal in filing cabinet in the box office


  • Blue Room
  • Upspace lottery
    • #TODO: Evan, submit to Morning Mail
  • audition for Bernarda Alba


  • workday 10am 12/15
  • #TODO: Liz, tell MF to get back to us so we can reserve 'the space'
    • be mean about passing another pw director


  • events reminder from Ben C.
    • Wednesday 12/10 visions 5pm (@ 52 John St.)
    • Saturday 12/13 jobs 6pm
    • Saturday 12/13 christmas party 9pm
    • Monday 12/15 workday 10am
  • someone wants to use the upspace for a GISP presentation
    • Gabe is using the upspace at that time
    • but we can give them the downspace?
    • Marty is taking care of it
  • secret santa rules
    • $5 or
    • chocolate or
    • stolen or
    • handmade
  • Ada is no longer HMing tomorrow
  • #TODO: EVERYONE, email Austin about your rooms for workday!


  • Nothing this week
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