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ROSES: future, violet was great, donuts and i'm here and skylar and i'm sasha obama's science teacher, becca, cool things w friends, andrew and evan in violet, i emailed lowry asking on a date and she said yes, there are lots of incredible things for me to aspire to, recognizing face but not sure from where, the amount of fucks i give has diminished, things and people that make me smile, the weather, friends, violet super fun, cast and crew of violet, gaining perspective, donuts, it's really nice out, evan in musical and skylar's direction of it.

THORNS: still my sunburn, gf left, trade offs, not here and I never will, too much to do too much to do, freaked out by out of bounds, i really need to stop comparing, still v sick, actors on book, the inevitable disappearance of things and people that make me smile, wish i were better at communicating, sick for two weeks and still nervous about voice, inflatable bed open on my room, future worries, can't wake up through alarms, sorry i'm late, very busy.

HERE: Liz, Fletcher, Marty, Ben, Jenny, Simon, Paige, Austin, Evan, Skylar, Ursula, Alex, Keston, Andrew, Celeste, Becca (visiting), Thom, Jordana (visiting)


  1. we will be here at 10.45 to set up scaffolding, Violet will take their 15 minutes
  2. strike will start properly at 11pm
  3. bunny bunny want rehearsal lights but unclear what else should stay


  1. going well, rehearsals have started
  2. ball rolling on commencement housing
  3. build and hang schedule coming soon
  4. ground plans exist


  1. Isabel and Stella are in here this week
    • they want to come in after strike
    • they have fb event with showtimes
    • we need to know what they plan on doing over email
    • #TODO: Celeste, send out email to figure out monitors
  2. anna musselman also on track, planning to apply to open jar


  1. lady comedy in here sunday
    • will be less extensive then originally planned but will happen
  2. a change in curating sunday shows?
    • let's check minutes and follow up on that

250th wizards

  1. seth bockley is coming this weekend
    • planning a workshop from 1-3pm on saturday
    • dinner with seth bockley will be saturday night, later in the evening
    • we need to publicize
    • #TODO: Skylar, make facebook event with a blurb by tomorrow so people can publicize
    • #TODO: Celeste, send out to Connie's listserv
    • #TODO: Thom, email directors from this year
    • #TODO: Liz, email MF
    • #TODO: Ursula, make Ventfull event
    • #TODO: Marty, get it in morning mail


  1. meeting is on may 3rd in JWW 401
  2. we are taking a 1-3pm lunch break to go to Seth Bockley


  1. once violet is over evan will have 'office hours' where people can pay and pick up sweatshirts


  • campus might empty out around end of finals, because people are leaving before senior week
  • push it back a couple of days?
  1. #TODO: Liz, please make a submission facebook event
  • give people a week to submit
  1. will be may 14th, possibly extended to the days following
  • we need to figure out how to make the stage without seating plats
  • let's ask bunny bunny if we can push plats back
  • when we buy bbq stuff for jobs bobs we need to buy extra for outerspace


  1. renish committee will meet and send out invitation


  1. nothing new for new works but it's coming
  2. open jar committee will meet about the application we have after meeting


  1. broken dimmer needs to be fixed
  2. jenny will update about supplemental funding
  3. use the sheet in the safe


  1. doors in downspace
  2. #TODO: ben, facilities request for men's bathroom
  3. in the BO there was a ratty box and a trail of ants
  4. we just can't leave food in the BO
    • jenny will make the signs for cleanliness


  1. we are getting set inspected for bunny bunny the week before the show opens
  2. as soon as we pick september show we need to coordinate the safety training
    • #TODO: Austin, please send out an email about the safety training


  1. when will we do jobs bobs?
  2. #TODO: Marty, send out a when2meet about Saturday May 10th
  3. we will buy domino's pizza for strike from now on
  4. austin will try to fix the dimmer before violet today
  5. #TODO: everyone, send email about workday things to fix to Austin
  6. #TODO: everyone, send email about workday conflicts to Liz
  7. website needs to be updated and so does calendar downstairs
  8. #TODO: Thom, send bobrausch photos to Jenny


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