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ROSES Violet, original music, improvidence, happy to be alive and here, the world is beautiful, sunshine, emotions, the work I get to do, a couple of people who really saved my life, violet, I had a lot of fun working last night, making music, got a lot of work done this week.

THORNS I have to write a Shakespeare paper, thermodynamics, getting sick, work, emotions, the work I have to do, incredibly difficult week and emotionally stressful, solo show’s a mess, getting really sick, things coming to an end and still being up in the air, I still need to do more work and I am tired.

HERE Ben (for a bit), Marty, Jenny, Jordana (visiting), Paige, Emma, Josh, Simon, Liz, Annie (visiting), Keston.


  1. HMs are all set
  2. Do we need HMs to open the doors
    • let’s ask Skylar about his preference – whether it’s inconvenient not to have PW monitors
  3. when are reserves due?
    • PW board members:
  4. show time approximately 2.5 right now but still up in the air
    • we will figure out strike time next sunday
  5. showtimes: 8 on Friday, 6 and 10 Saturday, 8 on Sunday, 8 on Monday
  6. toast at 11pm or right after the show
  7. set inspections is tuesday, Josh will make sure the space is clear and no flammables will be there


  1. show is cast, first readthrough is tomorrow
  2. showtimes will likely be 7 on wednesday, 3 and 7 on thursday, 4 on friday, and 4 on saturday
  3. #TODO: Liz, if changes happen, be in touch with emma to figure out schedule


  1. patrick and becca were in here Thursday, Ursula and cheno Saturday
    • everything went well, piano can stay out for violet


  1. lady comedy (to be renamed) will be in here next
  2. there will be events at 2, 4, 8, and 10 on the sunday
  3. we will get monitors when we're closer
  4. poler bears will be doing a show in the space this fall


  1. Skylar, what time will the event on may 3rd be?


  1. extensions should be granted if needed since quantity of proposals is rather small
  2. continue to push for submissions – get in touch with people personally
  3. meeting will be in JWW 401, schedule will be sent out this week


  1. we are in the ADOCH literature, the event is 4-4.50
    • we need people to meet at the main green with the PW sign
  2. #TODO: Liz, send email to board about making sure there are people there for the event


  1. will be Monday, may 5th from 4pm-8pm
    • not everyone can be there for the whole time but there is at least an hour where everyone can be
  2. we could make this a potluck, emma will organize


  1. evan will have 'office hours' again for pickup


  1. might be pushed back a bit, liz and skylar will coordinate
  2. we need a facebook event asap
  3. it is imperative to give people enough time to prepare so we should get a submissions system going soon


  1. bunny bunny is at 4pm on saturday
  2. the only time that really makes sense is noon on Saturday
  3. #TODO: Marty, figure out the invitation for renish


  1. high five happened.
  2. anna has been contacted about the money in open jar


  1. Austin, Jenny is giving you the go ahead on buying the steel
  2. bobrausch reimbursements are in
  3. pwom: we should aim to spend no more than approximately 150$
  4. #TODO: Celeste, return the handles we had leftover
  5. MF transferred tuning money


  1. where the basketball hoop was for super secret looks sort of bad, should be fixed up


  1. #TODO: Jenny, look at SAO report
  2. #TODO: Fletcher, follow up on things with GMCS - possibly a written apology?
  3. Thursday, may 1st is workday
    • email austin if things need to happen for you
    • #TODO: everyone, send conflicts
  4. MF is having a schmooze in the upspace at 11pm this Wednesday, April 23rd
  5. MF are interested in paying for part of the piano repairs
  6. Steinway M got moved
  7. upspace piano got tuned
  8. capture the mammoth will be monday may 19th
  9. celeste held 'office hours', not a lot of people came but we should continue it
  10. we need to streamline the house manager speech, make sure we include something like 'what is pw' so people know where they are, who we are, etc.
    • liz will be thinking about revamping the lobby, making sure there's info about what we do


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