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ROSES: fun donuts and building stuff today, celeste and liz are chill and people noticed and it made them feel like a star, good SW, someone I didn’t know cares about me cares about me, was on a roll, one on one, SW, good strike, encountered a lot of humanity, face paint pace faint, I feel so fun and flirty, Lauryn Hill times two, andrew bird, sleep.

THORNS: people owe me money, long to do list, my body’s telling me no, why can’t we all just do Spring Weekend every weekend, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t stop touching, group interactions, almost over, to much to do, my job isn’t my job, spewing words on pages tight jaw, substance, bad breakup.

HERE: Liz, Celeste, Ben, Marty, Simon, Paige, Josh, Ursula, Jenny, Jose (visiting), Fletcher, Alex, Evan, Thom.


  1. we’re on track
  2. Skylar will organize plats
  3. show will be performed barefoot
  4. dealing with safety things, set should be safe
  5. there will be an MF schmooze in the upspace on wednesday before show
  6. haven't spent any money yet but will be spending soon
  7. josh will get out build schedule to MF soon as well


  1. audition sheets are up
  2. auditions happening this week
  3. once the show is cast the showtimes will be set and we can figure out how it fits with renish


  1. becca and patrick are coming in here this week
  2. we have the showtimes and still need monitors
    • Josh will monitor on Tuesday
    • Thom will monitor Wednesday
  3. #TODO: Thom, send out showtimes again and we'll figure out monitors
  4. anna has been contacted about the restrictions on publicity


  1. Lady comedy is May 4th


  1. No new updates, still figuring out specifics
  2. We need to send out renish invitations as soon as possible


  1. #TODO: Marty send out the list of people looking for buddies from the schmooze
  2. #TODO: Decision meeting people, reserve a room
  3. Everyone, remind your buddies that the suggested maximum is 20 pages
  4. Also, remind them that the deadline is Monday, not Wednesday


  1. happening friday night
  2. publicize on facebook, use the photos
  3. #TODO: Conor, please schedule a party training session that Paige, Keston, and Austin can go to
  4. #TODO: Celeste, Ben, (Conor) - alcohol committee
  5. #TODO: Fletcher, Simon, Jenny, Alex – decorations
  6. DJ Schrödinger
    • is the cat alive?
  7. prom starts at 10.30pm
  8. Ben, Jenny, Thom, Josh and anyone else who can will be there to set up at 9
  9. other people joining at 9.30


  1. ordering sweatshirts, still need payment from some people


  1. we need the specific days and how to apply soon
  2. #TODO: committee need to meet


  1. Jenny will be in charge of getting photos printed


  1. #TODO: Andrew, please put back the sheet in the safe so we have a better overview


  1. we can pimp the lobby during violet


  1. we have to make fire safety a priority, especially in set design and planning
  2. #TODO: eventually put that in the set design packet


  1. piano:
    • Joel is coming by to tune the piano Monday afternoon
  2. celeste will be doing 'freshman office hours'
    • #TODO: Evan, send something to the 2017 facebook group
  3. Marty will make a job for piano upkeep
  4. Marty will be doing theatrebridge, Emma will most likely be the second person
  5. We should update proposal questions before next round of proposals
  6. #TODO: Marty, send out when2meet for visions


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