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Roses: bobrauschenbergthesisgermany, despite a hectic week great dance show looking forward to violet, so many performances, nice to take care of someone, bobrauschenbergamerica and the laundry opera, fun night and bonding time times two, feeling good about 80 percent of things, fun weekend at the comedy conference and girlf, have seen a lot of improvidence, kept digging on piano, bobrauschenbergamerica, breakfast w fletcher and a song about bulbs, arjun pande and a book, first meeting with the new people, i thought adam was calling me but it was just the alarm which looks similar but isn't, being in providence and patrick, beautiful day, fletcher's friendship and annie's recital.

Thorns: next two weeks are busy, thesis is intense, general sense of failure and less sleep than planned, this next week, will be alone in class, roommate to nationals, playing catch up, haven't seen ava, no one got my aprils fools, lost wallet, closest to being a fuckup ever, same set of clothes for three days and shaved face, just not even giving two shits, i woke up and can't turn my head to the left, locked out, taking five math and science classes, not enough hours from now until forever.

HERE: Marty, Celeste, Skylar, Josh, Ursula, Evan, Andrew, Fletcher, Simon, Ben, Liz, Paige, Conor, Keston, Jenny, Abby (visiting), Emma


  1. if they have money in the budget they should buy two sheets of plywood
  2. props can stay white but plats etc must be painted
  3. austin will run strike
  4. during strike we have to throw out plats that are out back
  5. re: paint, we will have people stay and paint after strike: celeste, keston, fletcher, skylar
  6. strike will start at 10pm


  1. people know that they have to come to strike
  2. ground plan done today
  3. plats will happen as soon as possible, skylar will be point person
  4. mf will probably have a schmooze, liz will be in touch with them


  1. won't need audition monitors
  2. know to come to strike


  1. no one in the upspace for spring weekend
  2. we will set monitors next week
  3. #TODO: Thom, get info from patrick and becca


  1. we can't have a sunday show during finals
  2. maybe switching so the poler bears can do a show during violet
  3. #TODO: skylar be in touch about that possibility
  4. #TODO: evan, get in touch with anna about the specifics of postering etc.


  1. nothing new
  2. we do need to get out a renish invite
  3. #TODO: andrew, keep bothering skylar about sending out the time
  4. #TODO: andrew, look at what time would make sense for renish time


  1. it's tonight at 10pm to 1am
    • we have a lizt and are zplitting into groupz
    • old dogz new trickz


  1. we need to schedule visions and decision meeting
  2. April 26th will be decision meeting
    • schmooze for proposing to fall @ pw this wednesday april 9 at 11pm
    • #TODO: Ben, please make facebook event and send to morning mail
  3. preliminary date may 4th for visions
  4. #TODO: marty, send out when2meet about may 5th


  1. conor, fletcher, celeste will go get the liquor license
  2. new mems need to be party trained
  3. #TODO: conor, send out party training dates, possibly scheduling specifically for us


  1. the tanks have been shipped
  2. sweatshirt order deadline is tuesday


  1. #TODO: outerspace committee will meet
  2. probably two or three days of programming
    • maybe it is better to have less programmed so audiences can be more collected


  1. eff with the audience will meet today
  2. open jar halfway full
  3. maybe we set a precedent where by which you have to get receipts in in order to be reimbursed


  1. figuring out receipts for medea costume money
  2. everyone will know how to use the spreadsheet after boardz wizardz
  3. we got all the money we asked for


  1. nothing broke this week
  2. we will fix the bulbs on workday
  3. #TODO: Austin, please make a list of workday things
  4. calendar: expo marker is in the box office, anyone should add events we are missing


  1. EPs have to be on top of deadlines for safety
  2. we have to make it a priority to make these deadlines
    • we want to give our designers freedom but have to make safety the priority
  3. perhaps we need to put very specific deadlines in the show packet and enforce them
  4. #TODO: Austin, please send Jenny the specific deadlines so she can put them in the show packet


  1. mailman problem so email went out late
  2. respond to email about theatrebridge program if you are interested
  3. #TODO: Marty, please get a quote for tuning the piano and what 500$ would buy us in repairs
  4. austin will fix the blueroom
  5. #TODO: ben, send out email about schmooze to the list of people who worked at pw
  6. we have a schedule for next year
    • #TODO: everyone, take a look at calendar and check with your own schedule


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