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ROSES: teaspoons, nighttime Margaret hair and water by the spoonful, opening and less stressed, burrito, new connections, going home and seeing father and kitten, bike, vivid dreams, nudity in the upspace,

THORN my terrible disease, oceans, skin, don’t know what century I am in for east Asian history class, sleeping in till noon, Sunday, sometimes afraid to start things, lock, letting things get away from me, nudity in the upspace.


  1. props and costumes are under budget
  2. set had to change because of blocking challenges
  3. first design run this week
  4. 250$ from the dean’s grant
  5. there will be a talkback
  6. #TODO: Austin, as soon as you have new floor plan get in touch with Chris so he can keep EHS posted


  1. #TODO: Conor, check for this week which groups will be in the upstairs rooms of TF Green
  2. only people with Brown or RISD IDs or people on a designated list can get in
  3. both on the event page and in email beforehand they will be reminded about IDs
  4. monitors need to monitor throughout the event
  5. small events ideally two monitors
  6. big events we need 3 people: bag check, door, in the space
  7. we need monitors for all performances Friday and Saturday
  1. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: IDs checked at the upspace door
  2. bag checker for each performance
  3. third person added for Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  4. they need to have physical tickets for larger events
  1. monitor at the bottom of the stairs
  2. monitor at the door to the upspace
  3. bag check

2 people:

  1. Monday 8-10pm: Ursula, Andrew
  2. Tuesday 7pm: Conor, Andrew (Chris on call)
  3. Wednesday 7.30pm: Thom, Chris

3 people:

  1. Thursday 6pm:
  2. Thursday 9pm: Chris
  3. Friday 6.30pm:
  4. Friday 8pm:
  5. Friday 10pm:
  6. Saturday 8pm: Liz, Thom


  1. Chris and Emma will figure out directors
  2. auditions will most likely be this weekend, depending on directors schedules etc.


  1. Everyone get the script from buddies ASAP
  2. make sure to update which slots people are applying for as it is important for rights and important to figure out meetings
  3. we can move the script deadline a bit sooner
  4. decision meeting – we have to really think through the logistics of a meeting with this many proposals


  1. nudity is coming in
  2. Eli is at least using first part, possibly collaborators
  3. lottery pulled today


  1. Starla tonight
  2. Jenny and Thom will monitor the event (Jenny already ushering)
  3. next Sunday is BMC in here, 5 hours total for monitoring


  1. Everyone doing new performance can apply for new works


  1. #TODO: Ursula replenish first aid kit
  2. PWinter ink needs to be replenished
  3. more lending forms need to be printed – #TODO: Thom, copy from furniture
  4. PWisdom book?
  5. Sink in the paint room is messed up, needs to go through facilities
  6. Chris is buying more clothes pins for bag check
  7. we need to schedule visions
  8. MF’s website has been found

Minutes: Ursula

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