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ROSES: endless wonderful possibilities, Sink, plans, Sink and it being first show, Sink, a cast for Hair, fire, excited to be seeing Sink this afternoon, talking to adam and Hair cast, family coming to sink, got a lot of sleep, a lot of lovely friends, Sink.

THORNS: 24 hours in a day and the need for sevenish hours of sleep in a day, haven’t thought about my show, executing them, I know there are things I’m good at but where are they, no donuts for me, a heinous fall out and dramzz, not knowing how to be helpful, not being interested in other people’s BS, missed champagne toast, if I had my way I’d always wake up and make things, late.


  1. online reserves sold out
  2. event brite tells you there are tickets
  3. strike will be Monday at 9.23pm (9.30pm)
  4. Evan and Liz HM for 5pm today
  5. conor and Austin tomorrow at 8pm
  6. Strike: Emma will run strike
  7. conor: chairs and furniture, thom: costumes and repainting, alex: in the shop, Ursula: space, liz: shop and lights, jenny: box office, evan: space, skylar: lights in the space, emma: running strike, then painting upspace black
  8. 11am on Friday to finish floor painting


  1. applied for 400$
  2. looking for hair and make up
  3. applied for 300$ for costumes
  4. applying for Late Night Fund


  1. improvidence open practos Tuesday 5-7, Thursday 8-10
  2. long show Friday 10.30pm-5am, board monitors
  3. #TODO: Set board monitors over email
  4. need a working light plot
  5. nudity in the upspace will be using the upspace, coordinating with improvidence
  6. #TODO: Conor get in touch with Austin about paint and what you’d need
  7. Lottery happens in a week – push the facebook event


  1. starla next week
  2. bmc week after


  1. got a lot of POs, ready to reimburse
  2. Remember to stick to Tuesday and Thursday


  1. open jar have had no more applications
  2. thom is figuring out exactly what’s happening with new works


  1. submissions?
  2. we need a box and a sign above the window or something like that
  3. reading the plays Wednesday – probably 9pm
  4. #TODO: Chris, send out email about when you’ll be reading
  5. #TODO: reserve rooms for auditions
  6. push on facebook
  7. mention in HM speeches
  8. auditions should be Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday next week
  9. #TODO: madmen: streamline the 3c2c event – include auditions and all dates and update – also put that we are looking for SMs before
  10. Stage managers? Should come to the meetings when we find them
  11. #TODO: Chris, send out email about the Stage Managing opportunity to freshman list


  1. we need to work on actually relaying information from EHS and being aware of making safety a priority
  2. safety inspections of sets: we should have director, set designer, and safety people present in order to streamline lines of communication
  3. basic plans for the set need to be relayed to EHS as soon as possible so they know what they’re dealing with


-Server: -Austin got the parts, is trying to build it -short term solution? We need to be online so finding a -#TODO: marty, alex – check up on this -getting names and jobs off the server is priority


  1. lightboard is broken, how do we feel about spending 200$ on fixing it?
    • we need more details in order to decide
  2. #TODO: Austin, get more detail to jenny about it

-audition monitors for shows? Board should still help out but making -Emma and Ursula will be Pwom Event Coordinators -#TODO: conor, get liquor license and someone will have to take it down -#TODO: Austin and Marty check up on whether October 19th will work for decision meeting -#TODO: Madmen make ‘propose to winter @ pw’ event -Emma, Alex, Ursula will work out decision meeting logistics -Questions about Circuit/PW should be expressed – keep open communication -We should have a board potluck -#TODO: Emma, send out email about dates for that -Wednesday 25th a proposal meet ‘n greet 10.30pm -#TODO: Chris, get provisions for that event -#TODO: Emma: make facebook event for proposal + meet ‘n greet - musical directors at proposal meeting? Can be in the room, not being interviewed -piano -#TODO: Marty, get back in contact with the piano man -Paint, we have to be adamant about making it clear that we are PW when ordering -we also need to order brushes -#TODO: Silver Box Boys please fix order of title in there -RISD theatre group – we should work with them -#TODO: Thom, check in about Rome and if yes to Rome add that week to upspace lottery -all rooms needs some loving, take strike as an opportunity to revamp it and also check up on your own time -costume reorganization: visions topic -new mems meeting dates set -Push things on facebook more since we don’t have an email going out

  1. #TODO: Emma, please order pizza for Sink strike
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